UPDATE // The Hunt for Hidden Treasure -20:21 Visual Arts


Sadly the treasure hunt is now OVER as the Grimsby family of geocachers  pick up their second find. They painstakingly cracked the last coded painting and found the gold near to San Pietro by a wooden fence. Lucky them and well done for cracking it.

UPDATE: 24/02/2017

One treasure remains to be found. 4th treasure found at Central Park. 

UPDATE: 21/02/2017

There are now only 2 Gold treasures to find hidden somewhere in Scunthorpe Or North Lincolnshire.

The first was found in the wall at the top of Kingsway park where the flag flys, the second was found in the Bandstand at Brigg and the 3rd is said to have been found at Normanby Hall Country Park. That leaves 2 more treasures yet to be found. Initially it was said some may never be found but so far it hasn’t taken people too long to scope out these small gold object.

The two remaining are The Janus Train and the Jurassic Ammonite that are yet to be found. These correspond to the blue and white paintings in the gallery. Good luck!


Review of Opening day:-

The hunt began at 10am on Saturday morning when the Visual Art Centre opened it’s doors to reveal the 5 paintings with the codes to crack as to where the location of the hidden treasure is.

When we arrived one lady was being filmed as she had already found a piece in the wall at Kingsways park. Having not seen the paintings this was a lucky find.

Upon arrival at the Art centre it was great to see such a good turn out and excited faces. It was as busy as I have ever seen the gallery, which is a great thing. The staff were absolutely lovely and their enthusiasm and friendly conversation was very welcoming.

Luke Jerrem the artist himself was in the centre. I imagine for him this was quite exciting to see such a good turn out and hype surrounding his art.

The art project is such a brilliant idea as it got people to the art centre and it got them out and about, I mean it had us walking for 2 hours so at least we got some exercise that we probably wouldn’t have bothered with before.

The gallery was full of people of all ages trying to crack the codes of the paintings taking photos and jotting down notes and letters into grids to figure it out. I’m quite convinced I know the location of one hidden but if it is there, it isn’t easy to find.


The Hidden treasure is causing quite a stir on the local and national news and the 2nd treasure has now been found in Brigg. It’s just the 3 harder codes to crack now. But who will find the next one and where will it be?

We want to know did you and are you, looking for the treasure and if you went along how did you find the experience?


Read more about the project Treasured City here…

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