Floodlights // Projection & Sound Art Installation #Hull

Absolutely Cultured are so excited to share the details for FloodLights, their newly-commissioned public project featuring captivating projections and soundscapes – brand new for Hull in Autumn 2021.

The city of Hull, and the lives of its inhabitants, has been shaped by it’s proximity and relationship to water. Working in partnership with Living With Water, Yorkshire Water and the University of Hull, they’ll be exploring these issues – now even more pertinent than ever –through projection and light installations.

Working alongside artists Limbic CinemaVent Media and Hull-based Davy & Kristin McGuire ,who have all drawn inspiration from the subject of “living with water”. 

Over 22-24 October, 6:30-9:30pm, they will be bringing the city centre to life with moving animations, light installations and atmospheric music.

The Details:

22-24 October 2021

Hull city centre


Outdoor installations are unticketed

Limbic Cinema’s indoor installation will be ticketed to manage capacity. More info can be found on their page.


Absolutely Cultured– “To prepare for this public project, we worked with students and researchers from the University of Hull to unpack the theme of water. Participants took part in three creative workshops that covered a variety of topics, such as water as material and in memory, impacts of water on pollution and climate change, and water in symbolism, myth and superstition.
Working with local residents in the Gipsyville area, we’re also approaching these ideas in weekly creative sessions, supported by Hull Libraries and local artists Andy Pea and Hull Carnival Arts. Families and young people are being encouraged to think about these topics while preparing for an upcoming parade around their neighbourhood on the opening night of FloodLights.”

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