Food Review – World BBQ & International Curries at The Crooked Skewer

Bank Holiday Monday, we were in Hull and we had won a free lunch for 2 at The Crooked Skewer on Princes Avenue or “Prinny Ave” as it’s more commonly known by the people of Hull.

Ever since I saw this place open I’d lusted after the food on their social media posts so I was delighted to get the chance to sample the food and only for the price of our drinks!

It was a great initiative from the owner at Crooked Skewer giving away hundreds of free lunches, the restaurant pay the £10 discount for you and the scheme pays the other £10. It is a great way to get customers in sampling and reviewing the venue and it’s menu. The only cost to the customer was the drinks.

We picked a good time to go as we were seated straight away, it was busy but the staff didn’t hang about. As soon as customers walked in they were greeted and found a table as quickly as possible. Everything was explained clearly so you weren’t left sat at a table wondering how the whole process worked.

Our drinks orders were promptly taken and we were told we didn’t need to order as food would just be brought to our table. A large dish of crisps was placed on our table while we waited for the food to be served. The tables were quite large which was a good job as you needed a good amount of space to fit your food.

We were then brought 3 hanging skewers, one with Egyptian marinated chicken wings, one with Kofta and another with a sweet marinated lamb. We also had a tray with an assortment of dishes; noodles, rice, peppercorn sauce and 2 different curries. The curries were the star of the platter and probably of the whole meal. Both of them varied in flavour with sweet notes to taste. The meat was succulent, in both the chicken and lamb curry. They are small dishes but they fill you up and if you can manage more you can ask for refills just not on skewers.

Skewer selection

There was also a side tray of delicious flat and sweet breads, one resembled a type of samosa. All very tasty and they were a great help to mop up the remnants of curry sauce from the bowls, which would have been too good to waste. If I heard correctly, I think one of the curries was a railway lamb curry. I’d definitely recommend it.

The skewered meats were all seasoned and marinated well and the flavour combinations worked well. I really enjoyed the style of dining. It was a taste infusion of different cuisines, presented in a street food buffet style.

I’d have never paired a creamy peppercorn sauce with these dishes but I poured it over my rice and it completely enriched the creaminess and changed the flavour.

hot buffet platter

Plates were collected quickly and we ordered another couple of drinks. It wasn’t long before we were presented with little glasses of vanilla ice cream topped with a small lemon pastry. It made the dessert taste like a lemon meringue pie, which was quite impressive really from the 2 elements in a small glass.

The atmosphere was relaxed and ambient. There was natural light streaming through the front window and quirky decor with world clocks across the wall and thick rope wound round the front railings.

The staff worked really hard, they were informative and polite. I saw on social media that Bank Holiday Monday alone from 12pm until 9pm they had served around 400/500 customers in the restaurant.

Would we return? YES, if i’m ever up Prinny Ave again I would visit again. It was a really pleasant eating experience. The staff were hardworking, informative and polite. I’d recommend The Crooked Skewer as a place to try as it is a different sort of dining experience.

I’d really like to return here for an evening meal and try some of the different dishes and I think the evening dining experience would be a completely different atmosphere to the daytime walk in.

I’d like to thank The Crooked Skewer for giving us the opportunity to dine here as one of their many winners, no catch and no fuss just good food.

The good news is The Crooked Skewer are extending their Eat Out scheme without the gov, through Sept. See their facebook for details.

Overall Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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