WW1 -“No Sleep For Us” Short Film stars former NLC Drama Student

Recently a short film was released via Youtube, “No Sleep For Us”, one of the main characters, John Ross Watt, studied Performing Arts in Scunthorpe at North Lindsey college but a few years ago moved to Stafford. Since then he has been pretty busy dipping in to all the acting work he can. And in “No Sleep For Us” he shows off his acting skills. The short film only features two characters and last for just over 10 minutes but for a short film; the drama, costume, editing and acting is pretty good. The film does cover real issues and pain that would have been an all too common experience for soldiers back then.

But let’s hear from John about the film, as he knows a lot more about it than me:

This short film ‘No Sleep for Us’ directed and written by Jordan Mountford is based in the time of WW1. It follows the story of ‘Will’ a soldier, played by myself, who has deserted his position and fled. Will has been suffering from PTSD.We know this of course today but back then such an act was seen as cowardice and would mean certain death if caught, such was the punishment.
The story follows Will as he makes for his life, he comes across another soldier named ‘John’ played by my Co star Max Lambert. After an uneasy stand off they agree to work together to escape, but you’ll have to watch the short film to find out how it ends.

What got you into acting?
I studied for 3 years in performing arts at North Lindsey College. I have had a passion for acting from a very young age, always playing around creating characters in mind and enacting them out in play. Something I now do with my own Son, making up silly characters with silly voices.

How did you get involved with the production?

I found this role actually through a Facebook group for actors where Jordan had made a post looking for actors to audition for his short piece. I applied and got accepted for an audition. I remember being overwhelmed with excitement when I got the news from Jordan that he wanted my to play his character. To actually get a role knowing someone has written this and their characters with passion and love, it is an honour and privilege to get to play them.

We prepared for filming on set with online rehearsals via video chat. Being on location and filming this was so much fun and a great experience, one I want to experience again and again.

I was a little nervous to start. I didn’t want to mess things up or be terrible. But it didn’t take too long to calm down and start enjoying the creative process.
We got to wear and use authentic WW1 gear as well, which was cool as hell, though I’m glad we did it earlier in the year because in this hot weather, filming all day in that gear would have been exhausting, the material is thick and heavy and itchy. To think soldiers would have been in such conditions with full gear day after day is difficult to imagine.

Trying to put myself in the mind of Will and the times was an exciting journey. Looking into history and looking trying to learn and understand what these men went through was an eye opening experience.
I’d like to th thank Jordan and his his team and of course Max. I hope our paths cross again on future films & ventures. Maybe a feature length one day.

Watch the film below and feel free to leave a YouTube comment with your opinions of the short film.

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