GIG REVIEW // An Evening Of Punk Rock – feat. Shuriken

On Saturday night, we went to Cafe INDIE for the first “An Evening Of Punk Rock”. Last year there were a few of these gigs and they’ve really taken off. For those of you who thought Punk Rock was dead you’d be wrong, because the turn out was surprising and the atmosphere was hyped.

For £3 door fee the amount of live music you got, you really couldn’t complain. Now I don’t claim to be a hardcore Punk Rock fan, I usually preferred it a bit more Pop Punk but back in my youth I was massive fan of Shuriken.

I remember every time they played, my friends and I would definitely be there. It’s been around 15 years since Shuriken last played and I hope this wasn’t just a one off because the gig scene has missed them.

It was a nostalgic night for many people in attendance, reliving the sound of their Scunthorpe band scene youth from the Lincoln Imp and the Old rock nights at the Baths Hall.

We were just in time to catch Scunthorpe’s own Dyin Flies, proper punk. Live, loud and plenty of energy in their performance. Encouraging the audience to get moving and bang those heads to the raw sound of their skate punk rock & roll. Their sound is real and the best way I can describe it other than that is, honest…. honest sound! It’s rough, it’s real and it’s metallic and they have a good vocal skill set to pull off screamo vocals. I’d say they are pretty hardcore punk, for me anyway. But I enjoyed watching them perform and the audience jumping around. It’s actually Chris Metcalf from the band that organises these nights and keeps punk rock, rocking in our little steel town, so well done to him.

You know what there were that many bands, I can’t possibly write about them all and I probably wouldn’t do them justice in my writing either because to know what a Punk Rock gig atmosphere and sound is like, you kinda need to be there. But every band gave it their all, from Mr Shiraz, The Siknotes, Dyin Flies and the South Holland Indecency Team.

They weren’t playing for the sake of playing, there was real passion in every band for the music they perform and adore. They were giving a show, putting on a real performance that punk lovers could lose their selves in. No one cares about how you look when you dance at a punk rock gig, because every one around you is too busy going crazy and feeling the sound to worry about how they look.

Another great thing about gigs like this is…these days gigs are all about filming and taking photos on your phone to be snap chatting, Facebooking or whatever else. A sea of people in front of a band with their phone in front of their face but not so much on Saturday night. I did have my phone out to try and snap some pics for my review but admittedly I didn’t take very good ones or many because I was too busy watching what was going on in the moment.

After a ton of bands, banged out a load of tunes, we were more than ready for the return of local legends, Shuriken! Now baring in mind it’s been maybe 15 years ish since I’ve seen or heard them live, I can confirm….I still love them and they sounded just as good as they did back then, probably better as their musical abilities have progressed since.

The intro was great, the X Factor style voiceover introduction and the Beyonce song for their stage entrance. I did wonder if I would remember many of their songs, but I guess good songs & riffs stay with you no matter how old you get. I was delighted to hear their song “18th Emergency” for a second time on the encore. That was always a crowd pleaser!

As I said before I really hope they are planning more gigs and some new material so the younger generation of gig goers get the chance to love them too.

I’m going to leave it there, but whether you like Punk Rock or you don’t. I’d recommend giving one of these nights a go. Even if you don’t stand front of stage or next to a speaker. You could still walk away having had a brilliant night.

There are plenty of upcoming gigs in the area so keep an eye on the calendar.

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