Review // Rough Trade @ Dolphin Inn

Saturday I found myself at the Dolphin Inn, where rock trio “Rough Trade” were providing the music for the evening.

Rough Trade are a trio consisting of Croc lead guitar and vocal with Pete Bass guitar and support vocal and finally Chez on the drums and also support vocal.
When I arrived the dolphin did not appear to be that full mainly because the people were making the most of the brilliant weather and making full use of the beer garden facilities. As all doors were open it still meant Rough Trade had an attentive audience.
When speaking to the band they informed me that they considered themselves a 60’s/70’s music focused group. After hearing the first spot I would suggest they are a rock band.
These 3 musicians produced an all round full sound usually achieved by larger bands as they treated us to tastes of Deep Purple, Kinks, Status Quo and Free in the first set. Croc is an excellent lead guitarist well supported by the excellent Chez on drums with the bassist Pete being as equally talented. Everybody in the pub and beer garden appeared to be enjoying the band.
For the second set they did numbers from from the bands I have previously mentioned, slotting in a rock and roll medley. Jonny be good and finishing the night of with Knocking on Heavens Door and Rocking all over the World.

Towards the end of the night the dancefloor was full as people came inside from the beer garden.

Rough Trade are a very professional trio of excellent musicians who are very good at what they do and I would have no problem recommending them if that is the music you like.
I will finish by saying the Dolphin as a music venue will be missed.

Review by William Hazon

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

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