REVIEW // Soul & Motown Night @ Redbourn CLUB

Review by William Hazon  

A few weeks ago I was asked by DJ John Crowston to review his popular Soul & Motown Disco Night at Redbourn Club.

On Saturday Night (30th March), I went along to the club and was entertained thoroughly all night. On entering the concert room I was immediately taken back to the late sixties & early seventies when Disco appeared to be the main form of entertainment in most entertainment. In fact for local disco lovers of that time if the UV lighting had been present I could of been in a larger version of the Jigsaw Disco at the Wortley Hotel, which was well known in the Sixties & Seventies.

The DJ took to the decks, center stage and members of the audience were able to go up on stage and request there favorite records. when I arrived the evergreen Billy Clark was the DJ pumping out the music. Billy was playing most of the motown hits of the evening like The Temptations, The Drifters and Supremes and lesser known numbers requested by a very knowledgeable audience members and dancers. Billy kept the dance floor full all through his two hour stint and the 300 people in the room kept anybody watching from the sidelines interested with there various soul and Motown dance moves.

Around 10pm, DJ John Crowston took over on the decks and notched the atmosphere of the night even higher with his soul set. If there was any space left on the dance floor left. John filled the gaps with his encouragement for people to dance and join in singing songs such as Love on the Mountain Top, songs from Billy Ocean followed by Sugar Pie Honey bunch and No Where to Run Too.

This night delivered what was advertised on the ticket, Soul and Motown Disco Music. Provided on this night by two highly experienced Disc Jockeys who really knew the genre of music required.

These nights take place every 2 to three months at Redbourn Club. If you are a Soul, Motown or disco fan these nights are a must and at a small admission of £2 would not break the bank. These nights sell out very quickly and rightly so!  

Events for Redbourn club can be found here

Review written by William Hazon  

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