Local pub launches Lincolnshire Brewery Beer

Join the Penny Bank situated on Scunthorpe High Street, tonight (Thursday 22nd Nov) for the launch of the new beers on tap. From Lincolnshire brewery Batemans.

There will be a free buffet and 1 free pint with the chance to meet Mr Stuart Bateman. Stuart’s family founded Batemans in 1874.

Stuart and his head brewer will explain the history of Bateman’s.

Batemans XB

ColourEBC 28
BitternessEBU 25
HopsGoldings, Styrian Bobek and Challenger
ContainsBarley & Wheat

Beer notes

Classic amber pale ale with Lincolnshire pale and chocolate malts, and a blend of English hops (traditional Goldings and the more floral Challenger), then slowly mature it for a grainy, quaffable beer. Not your average English bitter.

Yella Belly Gold / Gold

ColourEBC 12
BitternessEBU 41
HopsChinook and Cascade

Beer notes

A golden beer brewed with American Cascade and Chinook hops for a refreshing citrusy flavour and crisp, dry finish. Yella Belly is the nickname for us Lincolnshire folk, but how it came about is the source of much debate and mystique. Some say it’s on account of the waistcoats worn by the old Lincolnshire Regiment, while others swear it’s inspired by the stained overalls of the county’s mustard pickers or, indeed, the bellies of our distinctively marked marsh frogs. Whichever it is, Yella Belly is certainly a beer that deserves its place in local history.


Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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