Review // Florence & The Machine – The Baths Hall

A little bit later than we would usually post a review. But we didn’t manage to get to the gig.

Kindly local photographer and gig goer Sophie Manoury has written us a guest review.

You can follow Sophie on Instagram @manourymedia

Sunday 6th of May, people from all of the country, united in Scunthorpe to witness Florence and the Machine take to the stage at The Baths Hall.

I queued for hours to get a front row view of my idol.

Before the goddess herself came on stage, the audience were energised by Shock Machine. James Righton, previously in the Klaxons, brought psychedelic house vibes to the thousands of people who filled the room.

The minimalistic stage featured James, a pianist and a single cassette reel. James had the crowed in the palm of his hand as his energy stunned spectators.

Then it was the moment everyone had waited for, the band played and welcomed Florence Welch onto centre stage as the crowed applauded in excitement.

I was starstruck at the thought of such a well known artist in my reaching distance. To my left a group of fans threw flowers on stage as Florence belted her heart out gracefully flaunting every part of the stage.

The only way I can describe it was that I was in the presence of an angel.

Although most eyes were fixed on Florence herself, we must not forget the tremendous musicians who were note perfect throughout the whole performance. It was a superb night for all as Florence performed a 14 song set including some of her most well known hits, Ship to Wreck, Dog Days and Shake It Out.

Alongside her hits she performed some new tracks including her latest single Hunger.

Overall it was a night myself and many others will never forget and Florence and her Machine certainly lived up to expectations.

review & image to sophie manoury @manourymedia on instagram

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