Gig review // X Factor’s Wagner + supports

X Factor’s Wagner plus local support acts, The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe on Saturday 20thJanuary 2018.

In what came as a bit of a surprise to many, including myself, Crown Promotion and Management booked X Factor star Wagner to appear at The Lincoln Imp in Scunthorpe.

Over the years the Imp has been known as a venue for rock, metal, punk and indie music, so to see a pop act that appeared on reality TV was unexpected but was something I decided would be worth checking out.

Now I have to say that whilst The Imp has gotten a reputation over the years for being a venue for the music types I previously mentioned, it is an image they are working hard to shake off as they want to be known as a music venue for everyone, with gigs in the works for fans of all music types.

The venue has really improved over the years due to the hardwork put in by everyone involved and it is worth checking out if you haven’t been recently.

Opening the night was Neve Stokoe, who is a young female guitarist, who plays a mixture of covers and her own music.

She opened up her set with a cover of a Cranberries song, playing tribute to lead singer Dolores O’ Riordan, who passed away recently.

For a lady of such a young age, she shows a lot of great talent and potential, as well being a good addition to any local music event.

Neve will next be performing at The Lincoln Imp as part of their Original Music night on Thursday 1st February.

She was followed up by another young female performer in Em B, who is a singer and drummer, who puts on a very energetic and entertaining performance.

Now I must admit that I had gotten to know Em B and her mother through meeting them at various local events, so I feel the need to let you all know that, but I had never seen her perform before.

Em B put on one of the performances of the night earning herself a bunch of new fans, with a set of cover songs which included “Seven Nation Army”.

What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in passion and energy, so is one to watch out for.

Em B will next be performing at The Lincoln Imp as one of the support acts for the Amy Winehouse tribute act on Saturday March 17th and supporting Green Haze on Saturday March 31st.

Charlie Rose was the third performer of the night.

This was another act I had not seen perform before and I didn’t know what to expect.

Her set of covers included songs from acts such as The Corrs and Belinda Carlisle and was another great performer.

She was followed up by former Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Alexandra the Violinist, who put on a fantastic set.

Alexandra played a wide selection of songs and music types including the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean and is another performer I highly recommend.

After four great performances, we finally arrived at the main headliner, as Wagner took to the stage.

He sang through several of his classic X Factor songs as well as others, including songs from Ricky Martin and the Spice Girls, as well as songs like “Love Shack” and “La Bamba”.

Whilst not the greatest singer, he is a good musical performer and knows how to please the crowd, as well as leaving everyone with smiles on their faces.

Following on from his set he did a meet and greet and spent time getting selfies with everyone in attendance.

Overall it was a fun night full of great performers who were all great in their own way.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was another great event by Crown Promotion and Management and the Lincoln Imp.

For more information on everyone involved, please check out the links below:

The Lincoln Imp

Crown Promotion and Management

Neve Stokoe

Em B

Alexandra the Violinist


Review and images courtesy of Steven Potter.

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