Review: An Evening Of Burlesque

This weekend we went along to watch “An Evening Of Burlesque” at The Baths Hall. As usual very friendly and welcoming staff at the venue to greet you as you arrive.

It was nice to see quite a few people had dressed up for the occasion in full Burlesque style attire to get into the spirit of things. The drinks seemed to be flowing for most of the audience and throughout the show a lot of audience participation and interaction.

This is the first time we have watched a show like this so wasn’t completely sure of the format or what to expect but as we soon found out it involved a wide array of nipple tassles. The outfits the ladies wore were all very extravagant and striking as was the art in which they removed their outfits. Throughout the show there was a compere, I heard some girls who had previously been say that the compere is different every time. This time it happened to be a Gentleman’s magic specialist. If you don’t know what that is, as I wouldn’t either then this means he  balanced objects on himself and on each other and explained everything he was going to do before he did it. This did get a little tedious and was very drawn out. I understand that the girls need a lot of time to change but as they weren’t always performing all at once together I feel they could maybe have had a little less of him and a little more dancing or something else going on as it seemed he would be on for a long period of time and burlesque dancer would come on for one song and then it would be him again for another long period of time. I will say he coped well with audience interaction though.

Back to the positives the dancers were very good and well rehearsed with perfect timing. I can appreciate the time that goes into the routines, makeup, hair and costume design and as we all know taking your clothes off in a sexy manner, well you need some talent for that unless you’re in the movies.

I enjoyed the fact the songs were current as well as traditional burlesque, it made it more interesting to have some upbeat and current dance music. I was impressed by “Storm 14519901_1110569495695030_4398530832622446697_nHoopers” and her Hula Hoop skills, the hoops looked pretty dazzling in the lights when she was spinning them all over the stage. There was also a bit of fire eating in one section, which added a bit of risk to the show as did the male act that used audience participation to strap him into straight jacket and get him onto a very tall unicycle, as it looked as though he could fall onto the front row at any moment.

All in all we had a good laugh and a fun night and enjoyed the experience.The men and women in the audience weren’t afraid to get involved so well done Scunthorpe and some of the audience comments cracked me up so thanks for that too. A special well done to the audience members who got on stage to strut their stuff in their burlesque get up to be in the running for a free set of nipple tassles.

Everyone will have their own opinions of the show so if you were there then let us know what you thought.


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