Guest Review: Battle Of The Bands Final – The Baths Hall

(Photo Courtesy of David Everatt)
(Photo Courtesy of David Everatt)

Battle of the bands final, hosted at The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe. Although I was disappointed it wasn’t in the main room, it was still a night of great talent of some of the well known (and not so well known) Scunthorpe music scene.
There were 5 acts altogether. Every single one putting their own musical stamp on their songs, whether it being an original or a cover.

First act to take the stage was Capo On 2. I’ve seen these play many times before, but I’m always left surprised after every performance. These guys are growing into a pair of fine young musicians. I’ve never met someone with such a vocal range as Ashleigh’s. Beautiful female melodies fluttering up top, accompanied by Connors fantastic harmonies which are rapidly blending more and becoming more complex, mean these guys are unstoppable. Not only great musicians, but incredibly humble too, they are an act you just cannot dislike. Although they played covers and originals, my favourite had to be their own song ‘Hide Away’ as it’s about the sad tale of the great actor that was Robin Williams.

Next to perform was Lizzie Goddard. Now I have always been a fan of Lizzie ever since I saw her perform a couple of years ago at the Encore festival. She has a great attitude to her music and isn’t afraid to give anything a go. Playing all originals, I was hooked from the moment go. I thoroughly enjoyed her original ‘no surrendering’ as she performed it with pure soul & slight aggression. I felt like I could really catch the emotion that she was portraying to the crowd. What I particularly loved about this song was that not only did she use her guitar to its full potential by adding percussion (bass drum to be specific), but she also did a small rap towards the end. Being a solo acoustic, that is a brave task to attempt, but she dived into the deep end and achieved it with great ease. My favourite song had to be the ending song ‘alone’ with a great comical story to tell before she performed it! It was so melancholy yet so beautiful. Very profound lyrics for someone her age and one that gave me shivers. The texture to her voice in this song was so haunting, with breath taking falsetto to start with, and then gradually ending with full power and nailing it. You really could not stop yourself listening. A consistent performance that pulled at the heart strings for me.

Third act to get set up was The Royal Ocean. I’d heard a lot about these guys, but I was shocked to see there were only 2 people performing (guitarist and a drummer). Although I expected a chilled set with it being just a two piece, I was pleasantly surprised with the sound they generated. If I closed my eyes I would have thought there were at least 3-4 people on stage. Minor errors on the guitar failed to impact on their fun lively set. Well done guys.

The Native Braves then took to the stage. Seeing these guys perform an acoustic set only a few weeks before, I was seriously looking forward to what these were like as a full band, and I was NOT disappointed. These guys were slick, tight, and vibrant. The singer’s voice had a great distant tone, which was a combination of Robert Smith with a tint of early Morrissey… and he even had the Morrissey dance moves to match! Every musician seemed to really give it their all and that shone out to the crowd. They had an added synth which was subtle but very effective giving their set a unique produced sound. They had great interaction with the crowd by encouraging the audience to sing along. Seeing musicians swap instruments also added extra points in my eyes and it showed off their versatile talents. My favourite song had to be the last song. It had a funky 80’s feel, mixed with modern indie, which surprisingly turned out to be a fantastic combination. I really can’t wait to see these guys again!

Last but not least, was the new band ‘Sorded Lies’. Now I didn’t know what to make of these. All I could see was pirate hats, leather snake skin trousers, feather earrings, and inflatable guitars. I felt like I was in the Rocky Horror Show! But this band was weirdly wonderful. I would class their genre as ‘punk’ with comedy elements as the lead singer was so enthusiastic and managed to get the crowd giggling on more than one occasion. Playing an all original set. My favourite line was of course ‘whiskey by the double’.

So then we awaited the results. I would have struggled to judge this, as every act really gave it their all. Now a lot of you have probably skipped the majority of this article and scrolled all the way down just to find out the winner (yes I know what you’re all like, because I do the exact same!)
To my astonishment there were TWO winners. As soon as they announced that I automatically knew who it was going to be, and I think everyone else in the room did too. LIZZIE GODDARD & THE NATIVE BRAVES. Two great acts, two acts very different yet both very talented. They were hugs and cheers exchanged between the band and Lizzie and it was clear to see that winning meant an extreme amount to these acts.
Well done guys, well deserved winners.

The question is… Are we going to see a collaboration between the winners now?

Native Braves commented on their win via Facebook:

Ladies and gents, we’re very proud to announce that ourselves and Lizzie Goddard won The Baths Hall Battle of the Bands last night!

We couldn’t have hoped for a better result, it’s a real honour to share the win with such a talented, deserving artist.

A huge thanks to everyone who came out and showed their support, you guys are the best. We’ll be back in Scunthorpe on April 3rd at Abacus, come along so we can thank you properly!

Lizzie Goddard Facebook:

So I managed to come joint first in the Scunthorpe Battle Of The Bands atThe Baths Hall last night with Native Braves and it couldn’t have even a better result!
A massive well done to the other acts last night, everyone smashed it and it was a night of amazing local talent!
Thank you to Paul for letting me know about the competition and for providing brilliant sound and thank you to everyone that came along to support me and all the other acts. Had a wicked night and I’m feeling chuffed!

Cheers guys
Lizzie x

Guest reviewer Charley Grace Eddy- (Duke & The Daisy)

Photo credit to David Everatt

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One thought on “Guest Review: Battle Of The Bands Final – The Baths Hall

  1. well done to all who entered The Battle of the Bands you were all great, and the winners deserved to win ….. For me though the North Lincolnshire Council disappointed me with their lack of enthusiasm for the whole evening…… the compare was rubbish it has to be said …… he didn’t create any atmosphere to the night or even introduce the acts in a respectful manner and when the acts had finished their spot, lights came on and artists were just left to unplug to a flat response from him…left the room of paying customers just wondering what was happening next..he even said at the end that he thought everyone of the acts” were OK !” ….. Well I can tell you now he didn’t give himself or the council much credit when it comes to supporting new up and coming talent, I personally thought we were just keeping him up or he would have preferred to have been anywhere else but where he was …………….. Thankfully there are people out there running competitions in a fun and respectful way to the acts and the supporters. The Voice of Lincs ….. professionally done …… Scunthorpe’s Got Talent ……. professionally done.Hire a professional to do the job in future ( if you can be bothered to put it on again next year) or ask me …. I would have done a better job !!!!!


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