Food Review// Dine Bangla ‘The Sunday Banquet’


After passing the front of Dine Bangla many times and noticing the banner in the window ‘ £10.95 Sunday Banquet’. We finally had time to check it out.
We weren’t sure what to expect or how it would work. The staff were very polite and attentive. The décor and lighting was nice and subtle.

Chicken Rogan

As we took our seats we were asked what we wanted to drink and handed the menu, this part was where it got a little confusing as all it said about it was on the back of the menu (Sunday Banquet) but no detail of what it included or how it went down.
Anyway when they came back to ask what we wanted to eat we asked how it worked and the staff were more than happy to explain and help us through what we needed to pick from.

First of all you have a pre set starter set by the restaurant. You then had to pick which which curry, rice and side dish you would like. Which came with a choice of naan bread. This included some freshly made Poppadoms and 4 tasty dips. We were then presented with 2x of each: large tandoori marinated chicken wings, Koftas, Samosas and Onion Bhaji. All very nice.

Our main meal came out, very well presented in nice neat separate dishes for you to plate up yourself. We got the Lamb Pasanda (Cooked in a creamy sauce with herbs & yoghurt), which if you haven’t had before is much sweeter than korma and very mild. The lamb was tender and fell apart in your mouth. To balance out the sweetness we also got Chicken Rogan (Cooked with glazed tomatoes & coriander). The Rogan was lovely, so fresh tasting and they didn’t scrimp on the amount and size of the chicken either. This was accompanied by 2 portions of Pilau rice, chips and a very tasty garlic naan.

Lamb Pasanda
Lamb Pasanda

When paying the bill, we were given two small Dine Bangla personalised chocolates. Nice touch. The banner says Dessert included but, not quite sure what happened to that, we didn’t get asked if we wanted one but to be honest we were too full for one anyway.

If we were to rate it between 1-10, 1 being poor and 10 being excellent, for quality, quantity and hygiene with value for money it would be at the higher end of the scale.

You got so much for your money and the overall bill was very reasonable including drinks.

You won’t go hungry here and it’s a pleasant night out whether you are in a couple or a big group of friends. The place is quite small and they could probably do with a bigger premises as it seems very popular but it’s cosy.

If you are thinking of trying the Set Menu,it did state on the menu that Monday & Tuesday between certain times a similar sort of deal was available and we would definitely recommend it and will be going again in the future. Booking a table is advised.

Dine Bangla
24 Oswald Road
DN15 7PT Scunthorpe

01724 840500

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★
Hygiene: ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★★
Overall Dining experience: ★★★★

One thing that could be improved here is explanation from staff or an additional menu sheet. It’s never quite clear what the banquet includes or what you need to pick. A set guideline or menu would be helpful when choosing. Even upon a second time visiting it becomes complicated when they ask what you would like, on the spot having to quickly find a side dish etc that you didn’t know you had to pick. Other than that the food is brilliant, you get a lot for your money. One more thing is, it can get a little invasive as your seated so close to other people so you feel like you could be out on a double date with them. But the place is only small and it is cosy so it just depends if being close to others bothers you.

If you would like to review somewhere in town you have eaten just let us know. Or know somewhere we should review give us a head’s up and we will see what we can do.

We hope to try and fit more food reviews in over the coming months, as not only do we want to promote nights out in local venues and at local events but for those who prefer to go out for a meal can then also get something from our site too.

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3 thoughts on “Food Review// Dine Bangla ‘The Sunday Banquet’

  1. I went there after scunny beer festival. They were the only one open. They were about to close but they very nicely said they would do us a meal if we were quick haha and it was great. Chicken Biriani and Keema naan. Was top notch. Would go again because of that.


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