The Team

Recently we have been building a small team to cover more events in the area. We now have 4 active reviewers available ( inc myself).

I’m Leanne and I created Scunthorpe Nights on Twitter back in 2013 and branched it out to Facebook and then a website later on. I have a full time job and I also split my time between Scunthorpe and Hull so it’s nice to have a team to hopefully take over attending events and shows to give viewers more content and coverage.

About Leanne

Favourite thing to review: 
 Probably events & food.

What’s the best event you have ever attended in or near Scunthorpe and why? I’d probably say Enter Shikari was a pretty good gig at the New Baths, but I enjoyed many a gig at the old Baths. My favourite local event had to be Party In The Pines because it’s just so different from anything else locally.

Favourite music genre or band: All sorts really but I prefer EDM and old skool pop rock/alt.

Why did I create Scunthorpe Nights? I enjoy media and socialising. It gave me a reason to leave the house and get out and do something other than work and I wanted other people to see what was on, so they could get out and do something too. I have made a lot of life long friends through Scunthorpe Nights and attended some great things. I think it is important there is somewhere that local venues and acts can advertise for free and reach a local audience interested in what they have to offer.

Welcoming back to the team, Nick Akester. Nick will be trying to cover some reviews part-time to help out with content where he can but he is quite busy with work and being a musician so you will maybe see a little less content from him appearing.

About Nick


Top interests: Music, Films, Lego

Favourite thing to review: Gigs & Art

Favourite music genre or band: Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Lionel Ritchie

What’s the best event you have ever attended in or near Scunthorpe and why? Simone Felice was good, Hackney Colliery band,  Seth Lakeman at The
Baths. Festival8
Why did you decide to become a reviewer for Scunthorpe Nights? 
I initially got in contact to find out about open mics but got talking and really admired the idea of what Leanne and Scunthorpe Nights was about and what they were doing for Scunny and seeing as I like writing too, I asked if I could join in and write some reviews.

Next to join the team, Steven Potter. I actually met him taking photos on his phone at the Lincs FM birthday gig this year and he seemed an enthusiastic chap, so he jumped on board and has been covering some music gigs and Comic Con events for Scunthorpe Nights since.

About Steven

Top interests: Rock and metal music, comic and movie cons, sporting events e.g. football, wrestling and mma plus watching movies.

Favourite thing to review: Not really much of a reviewer as I enjoy attending events and am mostly interested in photography and video.
Favourite music genre or band: I mainly listen to rock and metal. Don’t have a favourite band but mostly listen to bands like Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Metallica etc.
What’s the best event you have ever attended in or near Scunthorpe and why? Not sure, but the Arcade Fire gig had an awesome atmosphere, set up and was such a small gig, it is one of my favourite gigs in a long time.

Why did you decide to become a reviewer for Scunthorpe Nights? I was forced by gunpoint.;) I was interested in attending events and taking photos and bumped into Leanne at an event, got talking, then that was it really.

Our Newest review is Ches Washer and she is a rather interesting lady, Ches will hopefully be covering more theatre and local theatre group performances so expect to see more from her very soon.

About Ches


Favourite thing to review:
Anything really apart from sport, I’m not sporty at all and I don’t think I would be able to write an interesting article.

Favourite music genre or band: It would be easier to say what I don’t like as I enjoy so many different genres. I’m not a fan of metal.

What’s the best event you have ever attended in or near Scunthorpe and why? The best event I have ever attended were the free rock events they used to have over Ashby Ville. They were a lot of fun. We took the kids and a picnic and some booze and it was relaxed and friendly.

Favourite music genre or band:
Boomtown Rats, Captain Sensible, Go West and other well known acts played there as well as local groups. It’s a shame we don’t have it anymore.

Why did you decide to become a reviewer for Scunthorpe Nights?
I decided to become a reviewer as I enjoy writing and exploring culture and it seemed like a good opportunity to do more of both.

We offer FREE promotion, if you have a press release send it in and request a review.

The website has now hit over 107,657 hits, which isn’t bad at all to say there’s never been any paid advertising and the project of Scunthorpe Nights is funded by myself paying web hosting. So we do rely on you (the public & local venues) for your help in return. Telling us what’s on and inviting us to events. Or become a sponsor?

All reviewers are volunteers using their spare time to report and add content.

You will also see a few events from further afield being broadcast or reviewed because we believe you should know about other good things going on, not so far away from our little town. These are more likely to be less pre planned reviews and more because we are there. But I know Steven likes to attend comic cons all over the place, Scunthorpe bands travel about etc. We will try to stick within a 30 mile radius of the area though. I.e Hull, Grimsby, Doncaster.


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