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I had seen the recent news about the reopening of previously named venue (Showboat/Storm/Void) whichever name you remember it by and thought I’d look into it. It didn’t take too long until I came across some bright street art images “Bar Retro”. This immediately caught my eye as I spend quite a lot of time down the trendy graffiti filled Humber street in Hull.


Press Release: Location Revealed for Scunthorpe Market

Location revealed for new indoor market for Scunthorpe Town Centre.

Town Centre.

Continue reading Press Release: Location Revealed for Scunthorpe Market

Peaky Blinder Bar // Opening Night

Newly refurbished Scunthorpe town centre bar Peaky Blinder bar is opening this weekend. (Friday 9th March 2018). Continue reading Peaky Blinder Bar // Opening Night

Food Review // Cafe INDIEpendent Homemade Burgers

Wednesday 10th June we were invited to review the brand new menu at Cafe INDIEpendent, 169-173 High Street, Scunthorpe.

As you will know if you have ever visited or heard of Cafe INDIEpendent they are a lottery funded project that help young people in many different ways, one of the main ways is teaching them skills in a place of work, so a lot of the staff you will see around you will be volunteers.

We always expect something a little different from the venue as they pride their selves on being pretty quirky and unique and they do it well. There is nowhere else like it in town.

So down to the burgers, we went to review the homemade style burgers. First choosing which type of burger we wanted from the choices of Prime beef, Chicken or Veggie. We both went for Prime beef. That was step 1. Step 2 was pick a topping, now I’ve included the menu below so you can see all the options but we went for the Three Cheese burger and the Blue cheese & Bacon burger. Step 3 is choosing from coleslaw, garlic bread, Rabbit food (A salad) or a can of Carling/Strongbow. Now I’m not quite sure in what world a can of beer is equal to salad or has ever existed in a list with salad as an option. But hey! like I said this is Café INDIE.

Blue Cheese & Bacon Prime Beef Burger

When the burgers came they were presented beautifully. Very professional and looked just the part in the matching crockery to our teapot and coffee cup. It was served with a little pot of relish and a side dish of potato wedges. Although they weren’t really what I’d class as wedges, more slices. I did enjoy them because I’m not a massive chip fan so the thinner the better really. But that’s personal preference. The salad inside the burger wasn’t skimped on and it all looked very colourful, tasty and fresh. The burger was thick, meaty and made very well with plenty of real cheese for the topping, so non of those plastic processed thin slices to be found here. The bread was soft and made a delightful change from a thick, dry bread bun, I believe it was ‘ciabatta’ but don’t quote me on that, all I know is I preferred it to a regular bun as that’s usually the part I will discard on a burger if possible.

It is fresh and it is different and it isn’t a squashed down processed mess and you are eating it in a very unique setting and surrounding. What I like about it is all the ingredients are pretty much visible to you so you know what went into making it.

We gave our honest feedback to the Cafe, which they always welcomed as always, as they do strive on improving from customer feedback and after discussing, Cafe INDIEpendent are now re evaluated their food prices and will be serving these lovely burgers at the small cost of £5. Also the breakfast will now be priced at £5.

Overall a very pleasant dining experience with fresh and tasty food and an alternative place to eat out to your usual pub or restaurant. So why not give it a go and let us know what you think?

Café INDIE are now open from 7am serving many breakfast delights and your favourite morning beverages.

Please note: All scores are our own opinions.

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★
Hygiene:  ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★★
Overall Dining experience:  ★★★★

Feel free to leave some feedback on your food experience at Café INDIEpendent below or via the Facebook comments under this post.

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The Light Bar // Appeal for longer opening times

The new operators of The Light bar in Scunthorpe will go to court next week to appeal against a ruling that denied them to open from 9am until 6am.

We heard Last year, this appeal being granted could lead to crime and disorder. What do you think? A lot of the venues in town have had rejection for applications of later opening times.  Continue reading The Light Bar // Appeal for longer opening times

Join The Talk: #Scunthorpe Town Centre Nightlife

cropped-webbanner1.jpgThis bank holiday weekend was a first for us for a while in Scunthorpe. We decided to check out the events on offer in the town centre.

Now usually I only see Bank Holiday in town in the form of a photo online. Rewind back 7-8 years ago and pretty much every weekend had people waiting outside Schnapps, Mary Rose, The Light and Henry’s.

Well sad to say this Bank Holiday there we no people waiting to get in anywhere, yes it was Carnivals and Festivals out of town but still was this to blame or are people just leaving town on mini buses and going else where.

We posted a status on our social media about the subject yesterday and how it saddened us that town was not a very popular choice after all the effort the different venues, promoters, Bands & DJ’s went to. It did come as quite a shock as the time progressed into the night it still didn’t seem to pick up at any point.

So what did you do this weekend? Did you stay in? Did you have a party/BBQ or did you leave town for a particular night out?

If you want to see the discussion on Facebook, it is quite interesting to see the different view points so why not add us and have a look. Search: ScunnyNightnday or like our page www.facebook.com/wearescunnynights