The Moods // The Carnival Tour

2nd June at Cafe INDIEpendent The Moods have gained a real local fan following here in Scunthorpe since their past Party In The Pines performances and gigs in the area. The Moods don't really fit into one genre of music, which is what makes them something for everyone, young and old (although not too young … Continue reading The Moods // The Carnival Tour

Party In The Pines Bands Return to Scunthorpe in

If you like bands, DnB, Rap & Reggae all in one then this gig is for you. This gig features headliners Manchester Band THE MOODS along with Manchester reggae sensations Ruff Trade and Local support band FINNO. There's also DJ Mark 'Brad' Brough thrown in to the mix. Friday 3rd November at the CafĂ© brings … Continue reading Party In The Pines Bands Return to Scunthorpe in

Interview// Manchester Band “The Moods”

The Moods are a 9 piece electro driven music collective. John (one of the 4 vocalists) from the band answered some quick fire questions for Scunthorpe Nights. Why "The Moods"? Who picked the name and does it mean anything to you? The Moods name came from something our singers' former girlfriend said once. Cunny used … Continue reading Interview// Manchester Band “The Moods”