Food Review Retraction // As The Beckwood Chef & Manager Leaves

The new pub manager of The Beckwood has now left. The food side was picking up as before the Scunthorpe Nights review there were around 6 people in for steak night. But the Thursday after our review 40 people were booked in to try it. We now have to say that the review for TheContinue reading “Food Review Retraction // As The Beckwood Chef & Manager Leaves”

Food Review // The Beckwood

(Please Note: At the time of this review the pub was under the management of  chef-Paddy McIlhenny and his partner Ian Brooke who have now moved on from The Beckwood back to The Mallard.  So this review cannot stand as a true review of the representation of the food that may be served now underContinue reading “Food Review // The Beckwood”