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TOP places to Eat in the area

Information for the top 30 is taken from Trip Advisor, but do you agree.  We have our own little rating. We have tried and tested a few of these top 30 and hope to fit some more in over the new year because our readers do seem to love food reviews.  We want to know your favourite place to eat in the area. It doesn’t have to be Scunthorpe, maybe your favourite place is in one of the smaller towns or villages nearby. Let us know and comment the article on Facebook and we may check it out.
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Food Review // Amcotts Ingleby Arms

On a few occasions now we do tend to find ourselves going to the Ingleby Arms in Amcotts for our sunday dinner.

The prices are reasonable and match some of the other sunday dinner competitors. It is around £7 just for your main course but there is an option to have 2 or 3 for a small added extra.

The staff are all quite young, friendly and enthusiastic. And the atmosphere of the place is welcoming and cosy. We usually get seated in the large back varander, which is really nice when the sun is shining. The chairs are quite uncomfortable sometimes but maybe that’s luck of the draw. I’ve swapped my chair on a few occassions.

The food itself is an option of a roast of the day, traditional beef or a steak pie. Now I hear from the people I’ve been with the steak pie is nice but it is a bit unimpressive looking as it comes as a little square with shortcrust pastry but that’s maybe because I don’t favour pie.


I always go for the beef and it’s usually very tasty and tender. The pub works a little differently to a carvery as your server comes to your table and asls what dish you would like. You then sit and wait at your table and a plate with your meat/pie and gravy and a large homemade yorkshire pudding is brought to you.
This is sometimes where it gets a little frustrating as on occassion it can come straight out to you and another time you could be waiting 45 minutes for it to be presented to you.

Once you have your meat and yorkshire, you are then invited to go up to the hot servers to spoon yourself as much veg, stuffing and gravy as you like. The veg is always hot and tasty and all freshly prepared. It doesn’t look as though it has been sat there for hours. I also like the fact you can drown your food in as much gravy as you like rather than having to ask for more.

I would recommend trying The Ingleby Arms for a sunday lunch as it is usually excellent service and food but every so often and depending what time, understandably you can be waiting a little longer. And that really is the only down side really. As at a cavery you would get everything all together straight away.

Do you go anywhere in or around Scunthorpe for sunday dinner? Where is your favourite place? Let us know.


Food Review // Green Tree Carvery – Hatfield

So we just couldn’t resist another big dinner after the Christmas Dinner stretched our stomachs a few days ago. This time we went a little further a field to experience a place highly recommended for value and taste about 20 mins down the motorway from Scunthorpe.

The Green Tree offers a dinner you can afford to get the whole family around the table. Plus for each adult ordering a roast, they allow a child under 10 to get theirs for free.

We went for the Large, which cost us around £6 this included a choice of slow-roasted gammon, turkey, beef, of course we went for all three meats. Now turkey is never a personal favourite due to its dry texture but the gammon was very succulent and tender and the beef was tasty and thick.
To complement your meat of choice you are presented with two fluffy Yorkshire puds and a pot of stuffing to get stuck into. We also got 2 chipolatas and a Lincolnshire sausage.

After the meat has been carved you can move onto the roast potatoes, freshly steamed veg, hot gravy and your favourite sauces and wow there was a lot of sauces and the good thing is you can top up on gravy, sauces and veg as often as you want. The roast parsnips were a particular favourite of mine as they were sweet and crunchy. The roast potatoes were a little well done as you can see but they were clearly prepared at the pub itself and they were very tasty.

You can opt for a smaller Sunday Carvery, which will only cost you about £3.89. Overall it was good value for money and certainly a plate full. It was more than enough for even the big eaters and for families it is a great option with the kids under 10 eat free offer. It is surprisingly good for a chain pub company.

The staff were polite and very helpful and the feel of the place was very warm and cosy. It was very relaxed. I also liked the fact they gave you a lot of direction on the menus and signs on how the carvery worked in a step by step guide. So we knew whether to pay first and how the process worked rather than standing around and wondering what to do.

Our Rating (5 Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★★
Hygiene: ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★★
Overall Dining experience: ★★★★★


The Green Tree Inn in Doncaster
Tudworth Road, Hatfield, Doncaster, DN7 6NL
Tel: 01302 840305

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Food Review// Wortley House Hotel Sunday Carvery

Eating out locally is something we like to do. We try to eat out at least once every other week and so we thought we may as well tell you about it.

We were kindly invited to try out the Sunday carvery at the Wortley House Hotel. Maybe not somewhere you would even think to go for your Sunday dinner?

The meal is very good value as you can see below £7 for a quality Sunday roast.

On arrival to the hotel you feel a very warm welcome. Once directed to the dinning room we kicked off with a starter, garlic mushrooms, which were very tasty chopped up in a thick and creamy garlic sauce and a slice of Bruschetta. The second starter we picked was the broccoli and cauliflower cheese home-made soup which was a nice consistency and moreish. Throughout the meal familiar music was quietly being played in the background, which we quite liked, rather than silence and the sound of cutlery clinking.


For the main course there was a choice of beef, turkey or steak pie. We went for turkey and beef. Both very tender and tasty. The beef melted in the mouth and was not tough in the slightest so there was no saw work involved or vegetables flying off my plate. Same goes for the turkey nice and moist.

The vegetables were freshly prepared and cooked to perfection. Sometimes at other carvery’s we have been to the veg can seem a little limp, too hard or too soft but this was just right. As there’s nothing worse than helping yourself to veg that has been sat in a kitchen then hosting trolley for hours on end under a light. The carrots were very sweet and neatly sliced into sticks rather than chopped.

Good quality cuts of meat were used and the carvery overall was lovely. We will definitely be visiting again when we don’t fancy cooking and washing up.

The staff were all very helpful and polite with smiles on their faces. We also had a 2 yr old with us and the staff were very helpful in sorting out a booster seat and checking we had what we needed. The 2 year old is one of the reasons their isn’t more images so apologies for that.

If you fancy trying somewhere new for your Sunday dinner you can book a reservation at The Wortley Hotel on 01724 842223.

Sunday Lunch is served every week from 12 – 2pm.

January – November:
Main Course – £7.00 p.p.
2 Courses – £10.00 p.p.
3 courses – £12.50 p.p.
Tea / Coffee – £2.50 p.p.

Click below for menus and booking information.


Our Rating (5 Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★★
Hygiene: ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★★
Presentation: ★★★★★
Overall Dining experience: ★★★★★

Let us know if you have been somewhere worth shouting about. We are always on the look out for people interested in guest reviewing. Maybe you have tried the food we have and have a different view or opinion. Let us know. Is there somewhere you have heard the food is good…or even poor?

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