New EP “Faces for Radio” from local band Saviours

Local band Saviours have been busy. A few weeks ago they released a new EP online named “Faces for Radio” with 4 brand new tracks, which are available on most popular music streaming apps and YouTube. Not sure why they gave the EP that title, I think their faces are alright. 🙂


CANCELLED DUE TO GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES. MAY BE RESCHEDULED JOIN THE EVENT HERE Saturday 15th August 2020 from 14:00-17:00 at the Lincoln Imp on Gloucester Avenue in Scunthorpe, music will take to the rooftop. With local bands “Saviours” and “The Nancys” and “One Chapter Down“.


Who are the Saviours? Well they are a local 4 Piece Originals Alternative Rock Band. With band members, Jonny Bilton – Guitar/Vocals, Sam Gosiewski – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Alex Staton – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals & Nathanial Weatherall – Drums/Percussion. You probably won’t have had the pleasure of seeing them perform live yet as they’ve onlyContinue reading “INTERVIEW WITH // “SAVIOURS” BAND”