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Review// Showhawk Duo @ The Wortley Hotel

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of attending the Wortley Hotel on Rowland Road for a popular duo, who have performed prime time on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio One show live and across the festival  & gig circuit. Prior to watching the Duo I had seen good feedback and comments from returning fans. I hadn’t heard of Showhawk before but they are selling out venues across the UK and beyond on their tour.

Firstly a support act from Hull graced the stage called Urban Rain they ran through a setlist of their own songs and threw in a few covers along the way, one being REM. They were a slightly different genre to the main act but nevertheless they were good musicians and the crowd enjoyed singing along.

Soon after Urban Rain left the stage the main act Showhawk Duo got ready to play. The two talented guitarists are named Mikhail Asanovic and Jake Wright and they use their electro acoustic guitars to produce a genre they call ADM which is similar to EDM (electronic dance music) but the sound and well-known songs are composed of just two acoustic guitars with a lot of tuning and slapping the strings and guitar itself to produce a whole new composition and feel.
Showhawk were no doubt, very talented at playing these dance/trance recreations with what they had. The Duo covered artists songs such as Alice Deejay, Faithless, Clean Bandit and of course their Daft Punk medley that I’d hear so much about. The Showhawk Duo finished the night with Bohemian Rhapsody, which definitely managed to get some audience members singing.

The duo don’t do vocals they leave that to the audience. Which was maybe somewhat lost on the Scunthorpe audience that night in comparison to some of the other gig videos i’d seen. Every song was familiar and easily recognisable. The crowd seemed to enjoy the show with a standing ovation and an encore. Overall it was great night of live music.

It just goes to show though that attending gigs of artists you might never otherwise have heard of can sometimes pay off and turn into a great night of live music.


Other Dates on the Showhawk tour:

Mar 30 Showhawk Duo The Underworld Camden Town, GBR
Apr 1 Showhawk Duo Classic Grand Glasgow, GBR
Apr 3 Showhawk Duo The Limelight Belfast, GBR
Apr 4 04/04 – The Showhawk Duo Button Factory Dublin, IRL

Review // Party In The Pines 2015 (Albums & Videos)


It seems stupid to review Party In The Pines because well if you weren’t there to experience it, where the hell were you? For everyone that did turn up local and from far and wide, well done and thank you for supporting this growing local festival.

Situated in countryside and woods on a private clearing between Appleby and Broughton, the venue itself is just atmospheric in itself but once it started filling up it went off the scale.

Pines this time decided to go for some variety with the Main stage being indie based, the Fortress stage bringing you alternative and also an acoustic and dance tent. I did wonder how this would all fit in and if there would be sound clashes but once each individual stage was going you could only hear the one you stood in front of. Continue reading Review // Party In The Pines 2015 (Albums & Videos)

NEW MUSIC // Native Braves – Cathedral

Scunthorpe Nights were lucky enough to preview the new Native Braves track and video ahead of it’s release date (18th June 2015). I don’t usually like to review videos and songs because I believe music speaks for itself, it’s for hearing not so much describing, but I received the preview today and eventually got round to having a look at the new video “Cathedral.” Continue reading NEW MUSIC // Native Braves – Cathedral

Guest Review // Pop Factor (Written by 7yr Old Lexie)

downloadThis review was written by 7 year old Lexie Wilson, who we sent with her daddy to watch the touring musical sensation “Pop Factor” at The Plowright Theatre.

“The singing was very good and my favourite song was One Direction. 
The bad thing was a very bright light and it hurt my eyes.
I sang all of the songs but there was only one I did not know so I didn’t sing to that one.  My Dad sang some songs with me too.

A man showed us where we were sitting and the lasers were really cool in the smoke.
The dancers and singers all came off the stage and danced and sang next to us, it was exciting.
They were called Ellie Self, Conner Down, Lori-Suzanne and Karmelle, Charlie Royce And Sinead Mathius.  My favourite one was Ellie Self. I like the sparkly pink trousers and sparkly shoes. Ellie was wearing the best costume but the costumes were all really fun.
If you get a programme then at the end all of the dancers sign their names in the book and ask you your favourite song and if you liked the show.
Have a nice time if you go next year, what will you think is good or bad and what songs will you like?  What will you feel like if you do go and if you do go I hope you have a nice time like me.”

Many thanks to Lexie and her dad for reviewing the show.

Review written By Lexie Wilson Age 7

Review // That’ll Be The Day @ The Baths Hall

2015-04-30 19.27.14Last week we went to watch the stage show of ‘That’ll Be The Day’ the show has been running for almost 30 years now.

It probably isn’t something I would personally have looked at going to see, because I didn’t know much about it. But after seeing this years stage show, I was definitely impressed. The auditorium was packed out and it appeared to have a lot of returning audience members who had seen the touring show from previous visits. Not only were the cast individually very talented singers and musicians but the whole production and organisation of the was just brilliant. It flowed well and kept you interested throughout. It did last quite a long time but with the cast role switching and the fast paced change overs it didn’t get boring. The show was very clever with its transitions to the next tribute and song.

The casts talents seemed limitless, with them swapping roles,instruments, personas and their ability to make you believe they were who the screen said they were.

It was like going to watch many tribute acts all rolled into one show. There wasn’t many characters we didn’t know or recognise and the costumes, instruments and even the microphone changed to fit the periods of Rock n Roll it was portraying.

One thing in particular I liked was the style of the show. They used old retro adverts to play between the quick change overs and also used retro clips of TV shows and voice overs to introduce certain acts to make it appear as if the artist was appearing on the chart show or a certain concert. For example the 5,4,3,2,1 and MTV. The background images on the TV screen set the scene for each change perfectly without the need for any physical object set changes.

It was impressive how a lot of the roles the cast played did actually look quite convincing. You could tell that the show held a previous Elvis and Cliff Richard tribute as they were probably the most visually matching to the real thing.

The show was broken up with comedy sketches and that was well received by the audience with plenty of laughs. Towards the end of the show everyone was out of their seats singing and dancing along. I would definitely recommend catching the show next time it visits town with it’s 30th Anniversary show. It was suitable for most ages, obviously most of the humor is aimed at adults but there were a few children there who seemed to be enjoying themselves.

MAY // Upcoming Reviews

These are what we have booked in to review so far for May.

If you would like a pre promotion article and a review for your event/gig please book in. We accept a lot of invites on Facebook as this is what updates our Live google calendar but it doesn’t always mean we will attend or review unless specifically asked to or if we are attending out of personal interest.

Book a review via messaging: http://www.facebook.com/wearescunnynight or Email: scunnynights@gmail.com

wpid-screenshot_2015-03-25-07-07-04-1.pngAshby Star VINTAGE FAIR
Sun, 3 May, 12:00 – 15:00
Where: Ashby Star
wpid-fb_img_1428390945748.jpgGiggles Live Comedy Night
Thurs, 14 May, 20:00
Where: Cafe INDIEpendent
<h2><Font color="#5D87A1">That'll Be The Day

That’ll Be The Day

Get ready to party as the nation’s favourite rock ‘n’ roll variety show, That’ll Be The Day, returns with its brand new 2015 show!

Thursday 30 April 2015           7:30pm           The Baths Hall

<h2><Font color="#5D87A1">The Johnny Cash Roadshow

The Johnny Cash Roadshow

Prepare for a musical adventure unrivalled by any other that truly celebrates the career of a music legend, Johnny Cash.

Friday 15 May 2015           7:30pm           The Plowright Theatre

Pop Factor

Friday, 29 May, 2015 6:00PM
The Plowright Theatre
<h2><Font color="#5D87A1">Pop Factor

This show will take place at The Plowright Theatre.

Tickets are priced £12 for adults and £10 for concessions with a family of four £40 (booking fee may apply)…however, we have a very special Early Bird price for those who book quickly! Call 0844 8542776 for all the details.

Pop Factor tributes the very best of now…a show that’s a celebration of the top artists and biggest chart hits! Calling all Directioners! Mixers & Katy Cats! Are you a Belieber? A Swiftie, or one of our favourite Little Monsters! They even pay tribute to the hits from Frozen!

We will also aim to fit in some more food reviews so keep suggestions and requests coming in.

Review // Words Are Weapons- The Clash III

Words are Weapons returned to Scunthorpe on the bank holiday weekend for The Clash III, the touring UK grime MC battle event.Contestants came from all over the country to take part, bringing known names from the UK grime scene to local fans.The idea is each contestant takes it in turns to recite either 24 or 32 of bars of lyrics aimed at their opponent, for 3 rounds. Judges choose a winner based on lyrical content, skill, flow, and use of language.

The event was held at the Beacon pub on Burringham Road, the event was not short of attendees, with a healthy crowd of all ages  gathering early on in the afternoon and sticking around for the duration. After a little controversy in the first round, the event ran smoothly and kept everyone entertained. Security at the event was excellent, with Martin & Tug making sure there was no trouble without killing the buzz of a ‘battle’ event.

The only negative feedback from the event is that it can be quite difficult to hear the artists – especially from the back of the crowd.

The lack of a PA system is deliberate though, as it takes voice away from the orator, and puts it out of a speaker.  This can make it difficult for all to hear though, especially with a large crowd.

Videos of the clashes have started appearing on the Words are Weapoms YouTube channel. Another excellent turnout highlights the demand for this kind event in the local area. We look forward to Words are Weapons next visit to Scunthorpe.

Review // Grease Sing-A-Long – The Baths Hall

Learning The Moves

On Saturday The Baths Hall was transformed into a cinema, using a large projection screen, through the daytime the popular Disney film “Frozen” and by night we went along to Sing-A-Long Grease.

There was quite a lot of giddy Grease fans all dressed up in their best outfits. A lot of pink ladies and surprisingly a few T Birds also. One woman that particularly stood out managed to bag herself best dressed as her outfit represented the beauty school drop out part of the film and it really was quite spectacular effort.

wpid-20150221_190319.jpgTo start with I didn’t really know what a Sing-A-Long involved, I thought maybe you sit down watch the film and the words come up on the bottom of the screen. But this was not the case and it was made into much more of a interactive experience, as well as being encouraged to sing and dance throughout, upon arrival everyone was handed a brown paper bag, what we did with this brown paper bag and it’s contents of a tissue, party popper, Flag & a Balloon soon became clear as the female host on stage explained the ins and outs and instructions of when & how to use these props.

The audience were also instructed to jeer throughout the film with hissing,cheers & related noises and words. We were all taught the moves to Grease Lightning and the Hand Jive.

It really was a lot different to a cinema experience and I found the on screen animations overlay on the film encouraging reaction rather quite funny.Everyone seemed to have a great time and seemed to really get into the Grease mood. People were laughing, singing and dancing and it was great to see so many people go to the effort of dressing up.

I would really recommend going to see one of the Sing-A-Long shows in the future at The Baths Hall, whether it be with the kids or for a night out with your friends.


Review // Super Slam Wrestling @ The Baths Hall

Super Slam Wrestling returned to the Baths Hall last night to a busy auditorium of wrestling fans of all ages, Featuring former WWE superstar Gangrel in the headline match.

2015-02-18 19.28.32
The hype started from the moment We walked in to the venue, with a merch stall selling reasonably priced paraphernalia such as event programmes, wrestling masks and the obligatory giant purple foam hands.

The friendly staff showed us to our seats and the show began. After the initial introduction from the compere, The first wrestler made their entrance in true showboat style, with disco lights flashing across the auditorium and loud music, adding to the electric atmosphere.

The entire audience was encouraged into cheering on the same character in the matches, by casting one wrestler as good and the other bad. This was achieved through their costumes, entrance theme music and their interaction with the crowd, with the ‘bad’ characters shouting and jeering at the crowd, whilst the ‘good’ shook hands and greeted fans. This helped unite the room into all cheering the same side, removing rivalry from the crowd and instead saw everybody cheering the hero.

There was a mixture of match types, including regular 1-on-1 bouts, a female match up, and a UK vs USA tag team match featuring the former WWE superstar Gangrel.

All the wrestling moves were impressively choreographed, with extra kudos given for working with the space they had. It was great to see wrestlers leaping into the ring and doing handstands off the corner buckles, as well as all the traditional wrestling moves, slams and pins popularised by characters on TV.

All in all the show was extremely enjoyable and certainly seemed a hit with the audience, particularly the younger members. For an extra £5, fans could purchase a backstage pass, allowing them to meet and greet the wrestlers they had just seen performing. A great idea at decent price for kids to meet the stars.

We will certainly look forward to Super Slam Wrestling when it returns to the Baths Hall in the near future with our foam fingers poised at the ready.

Reviewer: Casper Croft

New Music // Maroose – Why Ft.Lewis Kaye

Artist Name: Maroose
Name: Mauricio Fenton
Music Style: Alternative & Experimental Rapper/MC & Producer creating anything from Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Grime and everything in between.

Mauricio is originally from Scunthorpe but now based in Leeds.

Mauricio: I recently graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a degree in Music Production, I am now making my mark in the Leeds Drum & Bass scene as I have earned myself a monthly slot on the Overflow team where I have hosted for big Drum & Bass acts such as Calibre, Logistics, Technimatic, Phace, Maztek, Mefjus & Makoto, just to name a few.

I am currently working on my upcoming album called ‘No Effort’ which is set to be released later this year. I am also planning an album launch party in Scunthorpe for local people to attend and grab their copy of the album.

Maroose – Why Ft.Lewis Kaye

The track is quite mellow but it picks up into a faster pace with a nice mix of vocals thrown in from the Ft Artist Lewis Kaye. I always prefer to post a video or track rather than try to describe or explain it as music is for listening and taking in and everyone has varied tastes but it’s got some different genre styling and beat changes, so give the video a watch and see what you think.

Maroose – Why Ft.Lewis Kaye is the second single from the ‘No Effort Album’ which is also produced by Maroose.
Available for purchase on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/why-single/id956261562