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Scunthorpe LGBT // Press Release


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New LGBT Friendly Club Night // Scunthorpe

In the area an LGBT Friendly night has ceased to exist for a number of years. Some members of the local community felt we needed one.

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Rainbow Cafe Event & Flag Flying // Scunthorpe

Update : Abusive comments and aggression from the public towards the Rainbow Flag Raising. Click here to see the reaction to the event.

We received an email with the below event info. It is more of a support event than a Pride or LGBT night event. Back in the early 2000’s we had nights out and support groups. Perhaps this can progress into something more for the LGBT of Scunthorpe and involve them in doing so but personally a support event isn’t the most exciting or encouraging thing for a young member of the LGBT community.

I know we preferred a drag act and a foam party back then at the Baths Hall. Fun events with optional support and info was a lot more attractive back in our younger days….but we shall see. If you show your support to the other events perhaps it will show demand.

What would you like to see done for the local LGBT community?

P.s Don’t forget the free pride event at Queen’s Gardens in Hull on July 21st. Always a good day!


Rainbow Café launch event on the 7th August 2018 at 3pm finishing at 6pm based at Café Indiependent, Scunthorpe High Street.

On the day there will be advice stalls, raffles, cosmetic advice, activities and a chance to network with local supporters.
The Rainbow Café is a North Lincolnshire Council venture committed to providing a safe, supportive and welcoming drop-in for people who identify as part of the LGBT+ community.

The drop-in aims to ensure everyone has access to support and advice around mental health and discrimination issues and is a safe place for people to meet and talk.

The Rainbow Café is a community point of contact; we are committed to ensuring everyone has access to non-judgmental support and advice around:

 Positive mental health and awareness of mental health resources.
 Sexual health – links into local clinics
 Accessing pathways to counselling
 Discrimination issues
 Abuse issues
We encourage attendance from supporters, friends, family, carers, and anyone questioning their orientation, as well as straight allies.

Any enquiries please contact 01724 296633

Facebook Event Link

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Scunthorpe LGBT Need Your Help

Last year Scunthorpe LGBT ran a number of no pressure, casual and social meet ups. Where for one night all LGBT of the area is invited to attend Cafe INDIEpendent on Scunthorpe High Street.

Due to uncertain attendance and lack of volunteers to help promote and run the session they have not yet started up again in the new years.

Last year over the sessions, Scunthorpe LGBT meet ups attracted on average 20-30 people on a good month and maybe 5-10 on a slow month. Continue reading Scunthorpe LGBT Need Your Help

Our very own meet-up!

Scunthorpe & N Lincs LGBTQ

Note that this article contains words that some readers may find to show us to be stereotyping

On facebook, a new event which literally took facebook famous people by storm are ‘meet-ups’ where a huge group of facebookers meet. Usually, they all end up with Police being called and with eggs and flour being thrown at someone.

Approximately 1-in-3 young people are gay, lesbian or bi-sexual and half of the time, we don’t even know about it! There are so many reasons why young people would want to keep their sexuality quiet.

Inspired by the meet-ups hosted on facebook, some members of Scunthorpe LGBT are thinking of planning one but before we host one, we want to find out what you would think if we did host one.

We are inviting you and your friends to come along and meet new people, no matter what sexuality. We would like anybody…

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