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Please submit your full timetable of classes via email scunnynights@gmail.com if you cannot fit it in the submission box below. A dedicated page has now been created and will be updated with any suitable submissions. Click here to visit the page. No disrespect but political and religious focused groups will NOT appear in the listing,Continue reading “Local Groups, Fitness, Hobby, Clubs & Activities”

Scunthorpe Beginners Burlesque Course with Elsie Diamond

STARTING 2ND MARCH Want to learn the glamorous and empowering Art of Burlesque?  Over a 6 week course, Elsie will guide you through the basics of burlesque such as posture, sensual dance moves, confidence, characterisation and costuming before putting it all together in a jaw-dropping routine. At the end of the course you will haveContinue reading “Scunthorpe Beginners Burlesque Course with Elsie Diamond”