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You might have a bit more free time on your hands of late and find more time to discover new music. So I’ve put together some songs, past and present from Scunthorpe and North Lincs artists and bands but if you can add to it, please do!

Local independent & original artists


Review // Words Are Weapons- The Clash III

Words are Weapons returned to Scunthorpe on the bank holiday weekend for The Clash III, the touring UK grime MC battle event.Contestants came from all over the country to take part, bringing known names from the UK grime scene to local fans.The idea is each contestant takes it in turns to recite either 24 or 32 of bars of lyrics aimed at their opponent, for 3 rounds. Judges choose a winner based on lyrical content, skill, flow, and use of language.

The event was held at the Beacon pub on Burringham Road, the event was not short of attendees, with a healthy crowd of all ages  gathering early on in the afternoon and sticking around for the duration. After a little controversy in the first round, the event ran smoothly and kept everyone entertained. Security at the event was excellent, with Martin & Tug making sure there was no trouble without killing the buzz of a ‘battle’ event.

The only negative feedback from the event is that it can be quite difficult to hear the artists – especially from the back of the crowd.

The lack of a PA system is deliberate though, as it takes voice away from the orator, and puts it out of a speaker.  This can make it difficult for all to hear though, especially with a large crowd.

Videos of the clashes have started appearing on the Words are Weapoms YouTube channel. Another excellent turnout highlights the demand for this kind event in the local area. We look forward to Words are Weapons next visit to Scunthorpe.

Review: Words Are Weapons – The Clash


Saturday 19th July saw us review the Words are Weapons rap / grime event at Henry’s in Scunthorpe Town centre.

Words Are Weapons – The Clash is the UK’s largest growing MC Clash event. The event is currently touring the country, pitting local rap and grime artists against each other, as well as bringing larger names from the rap battle scene to fans across the Country.

The event was held in the Zebras upstairs at Henrys. This provided an intimate setting for the crowds that were already arriving when the doors opened at 2pm.
It was good to see an excellent turnout for this kind of event in Scunthorpe, which is as far as we know, the first of its kind in the area.
2014-07-19 15.16.59Warming up the event on the decks was TT, playing an excellent selection of urban music which really added to the atmosphere in the room.

The clashes followed after. Clashes are split in to 3 rounds, with each rapper having 90 seconds to out-perform the other. At the end, the nominated judges for the event decide who the best artist was.  In the interest of fairness, rappers not from the local area will have their battles judged online, to remove any bias.

The calibre of all the contestants involved was impressive. These guys have clearly spent a lot of time and effort perfecting their craft, with all showing decent timing, well thought-out lyrics, witty insults, references to the local area and humour which had the crowd cheering and laughing.

The event didn’t go strictly to plan, as some of battlers from out of town failed to turn up. This was handled in the best way possible by the organiser despite the set back, organised an ad-lib royal rumble 3-way clash, so everyone on the bill got to participate at the event.
Despite the setback, everyone we spoke to afterwards had thoroughly enjoyed it, and were pleased this kind of event was catered for locally. We hope to see more of the same in the near future as it was a pretty popular genre.

Thanks to WAW for inviting Scunthorpe Nights along and we hope to see Words Are Weapons in the area again soon.

Guest Reviewer: Casper Croft