“Tun Up TV” Returns to Scunthorpe FT. F.O.S, RYGWAN & HAVOK

Tun Up is returning after a long break away from Scunthorpe. The relaunch will be held at Cafe INDIE on Scunthorpe High Street, featuring popular local artist F.O.S who competed in the 1st season of Rap Game UK which aired on BBC. Tickets are £10 in advance TUN UP TV – PARTY TIME  Sat 16 Apr 2022 6:00 PM @Continue reading ““Tun Up TV” Returns to Scunthorpe FT. F.O.S, RYGWAN & HAVOK”


You might have a bit more free time on your hands of late and find more time to discover new music. So I’ve put together some songs, past and present from Scunthorpe and North Lincs artists and bands but if you can add to it, please do! Local independent & original artists

Review // Words Are Weapons- The Clash III

Words are Weapons returned to Scunthorpe on the bank holiday weekend for The Clash III, the touring UK grime MC battle event.Contestants came from all over the country to take part, bringing known names from the UK grime scene to local fans.The idea is each contestant takes it in turns to recite either 24 orContinue reading “Review // Words Are Weapons- The Clash III”

Review: Words Are Weapons – The Clash

Saturday 19th July saw us review the Words are Weapons rap / grime event at Henry’s in Scunthorpe Town centre. Words Are Weapons – The Clash is the UK’s largest growing MC Clash event. The event is currently touring the country, pitting local rap and grime artists against each other, as well as bringing largerContinue reading “Review: Words Are Weapons – The Clash”