Halloween // ghost story

Have you got something scarier? Submit your experience via the contact form at the bottom of the page. If you wish to remain Anonymous just leave the name section blank. The first story explains an experience with what seems like two ghostly or unexplained goings on. Story One: Location: Scunthorpe/ Private Home/True Encounter It wasContinue reading “Halloween // ghost story”


On Friday 19th June Scunthorpe Nights were invited along to an organised night of Ghost hunting with The Simply Ghosts team. The Team have been nominated for the Soul & Spirit awards 2015 alongside other popular ghost hunters such as Zak Baggins from the US show “Ghost Adventures”. Vote for them here!

Simply Ghosts // Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Hunting Event at The Old Funeral Parlour

Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Hunting Events at The Old Funeral Parlour, Hull, Humberside, 19th June 2015 This former Funeral Parlour is a must for any ghost hunter with a chequered history, the funeral parlour, embalming room and mortuary are still left have been left as they were for over 30 years. The Annison building hasContinue reading “Simply Ghosts // Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Hunting Event at The Old Funeral Parlour”