Scunthorpe Winter Rucksack Project 2020

The Forge rucksack project is a yearly occurrence in which you can donate items that vulnerable people require over the winter months. But don’t forget you can donate to The Forge anytime of year or even become a volunteer.

Can you Donate to Scunthorpe Nights to keep the website going?

If you can spare, £1, £2….£5 or more towards the domain & upgrade costs that would be absolutely amazing. Donate here All this is voluntary and the and redirect to the domain does come at a cost but I’d love to upgrade the site plan which will remove the random and rubbish advert popContinue reading “Can you Donate to Scunthorpe Nights to keep the website going?”

Be a sponsor of Scunthorpe Nights

Hey everyone, Since the website started back in 2013 we have been paying the hosting and for the domain from our own pockets. It gets renewed every year as long as we are getting enough demand. We don’t receive any money for what we do and it is all run voluntarily. Local Businesses or eventContinue reading “Be a sponsor of Scunthorpe Nights”