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If you can spare, £1, £2….£5 or more towards the domain & upgrade costs that would be absolutely amazing.

Donate here

All this is voluntary and the .co.uk and redirect to the domain does come at a cost but I’d love to upgrade the site plan which will remove the random and rubbish advert pop ups from the website to create a more user friendly experience & also upgrade storage space as all your event photos are starting to build up but that adds another £40 a year on top of the current fees.

If you do wish to donate and in return have an advert or link on a sponsor page then please get in touch. You can email: scunnynights@gmail.com

Myself and the volunteer reviewers would be very grateful.

Many Thanks in advance. You can donate into the PayPal Money Pool below.

Be a sponsor of Scunthorpe Nights

Hey everyone,
Since the website started back in 2013 we have been paying the hosting and for the domain from our own pockets. It gets renewed every year as long as we are getting enough demand. We don’t receive any money for what we do and it is all run voluntarily.

Local Businesses or event promoters can sponsor the site with a full dedicated page and article. If this interests you then please email scunnynights@gmail.com




(Please email details to scunnynights@gmail.com)Advert will stay on Sponsored links page for 6 months. Sponsor Links page here.

I realise asking people to part with their money is a hard thing to do but all articles,sharing,posting and attendance of events are done voluntarily and in our spare time and web hosting and domain costs add up over the years.

We have the basic wordpress so no fancy templates or add ons to pay for but the site still occurs charges.

What your donation will go towards:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name
  • Most importantly keeping the site running

If you decide to donate you will be listed as a main sponsor of the site for this year. 

We are not for profit so all proceeds raised will go towards web hosting & domain of the website.

Thank you 🙂


We would like to also like to say We are very grateful to the Wortley Hotel for being a big support and thank you to those of you who clicked through to them and checked them out.


Scunthorpe Foodbank // Needs your help

The local food bank needs you, do you have some of the items they desperately need? Maybe you fancy volunteering your time at the charity or you you can offer a donation to their fund? Check out the list and see if you can help. Continue reading Scunthorpe Foodbank // Needs your help