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IDLES front man & LIFE // Café INDIE

Before they head out on their soon to be sold out tour.

Continue reading IDLES front man & LIFE // Café INDIE


Tacheless AllDayer // Cafe Indiependent

Tacheless All Dayer: Vol 3 at Cafe Indiependent, Scunthorpe. Continue reading Tacheless AllDayer // Cafe Indiependent

Gig Alert // Twisted Wheel Return To Town

So Tacheless Promotions are back for the New Year with a bang, bringing the recently reformed Twisted Wheel to Cafe INDIEpendent in Scunthorpe with their new 2018 tour Snakes & Ladders. Continue reading Gig Alert // Twisted Wheel Return To Town

Cafe Indie becomes A CO-OP

Cafe INDIE announced last week that they intend to become a community funded and run venue. This means instead of being a Lottery funded project they would belong to the community. If you wish to help and support Cafe INDIE in this venture then keep reading to see how… Continue reading Cafe Indie becomes A CO-OP

Tacheless Promotions // The Tea Street Band

The next Tacheless promotions gig is only a stone throw away. This time crowds will be entertained by Liverpool Band “The Tea Street Band”.

They weren’t always “The Tea Street Band” you maybe have known them as “The Maybes”? who were an English indie rock band who disbanded and reformed as The Tea Street Band, minus Nick Ellis.

You will be able to catch the boys next Friday 6th Feb at Cafe INDIEpendent in Scunthorpe. Tickets are £5 in adv. The band will be supported by Pusher & Local band Ramble Gamble.

Read the review from GigSlutz.co.uk about the band.

“When predicting the success of a band, I find it helps to picture them in a venue and see if they fit. The majority conform to either small pubs, clubs and bars OR larger festivals and big events. Rarely do they merge into both, and when they do, it generally means good things”… See the rest of the review here!