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New Night // Alternative Disco

A brand new trial DJ night. The Alternative Disco. With Indie, Pop Punk, Rock and more.

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Maybe you will have heard of Ameira before? Who did sadly split ways as a band last year. They played our yearly Scunthorpe Nights event as we said farewell to the boys.

Drummer, James Hughes joined the increasingly popular local band ‘The Native Braves’ but Lead singer Luke and energetic bassist Gary are back in a new formation under the name of ‘Years Young’, which they formed in November 2014 and have been quietly, or not so quietly hammering out some new and fresh material in their practice space.

Luke & Gary are now joined by their two newest band mates, Ollie on Drums and Danny on guitar. So make way for the new alternative rock band to the area. If the material and standard of Ameira is anything to go by then Years Young are going to be a band to watch this year.

Years Young
Years Young

The boys are set to record in the studio this month, so you hopefully won’t have to wait too long in anticipation for a taste of their new EP.

They only announced their new venture a couple of days ago but already they are up to over 400 likes on social media. So give them a share and show your support.

“Already I think I have found my new favourite local band to replace the Alt Rock hole Ameira left. I will be going to see them live as soon as they are out on that stage performing.”

And if you just can’t wait to hear something from Years Young then get to the boys Facebook page where they have posted a nice little acoustic surprise for you.


(Written by LGM)

OTD ONLY // Our Only Event This Year

Our only show this year in collaboration with SMB Management & Promotion named #AlterEgo, which will take place on 20th December 2014, promoting live alternative music locally in the town centre of Scunthorpe at Cafe INDIEpendent.


This gig is a one off, unless obviously demand calls for more in the future we will look into it. But we thought we would make it special.

First off we started out with 5 golden tickets, we are now down to 1 golden ticket. The next winner will be drawn this week. You can still enter via the pinned competition post on our Facebook page here. Over 50 people entered via ours and SMB’s different platforms, so we were overwhelmed with the support and interest shown. There will be no tickets for this event other than the 5 golden tickets, the rest of admission will be £3 on the door on the night.

Firstly we announced AMEIRA as our headline band, as this will sadly be their last gig since their recent split it’s a chance to say goodbye or hello if you haven’t had chance to catch them before. These boys are great, so great that BBC RADIO ONE chose them as their track of the week last year.


Secondly we were unable to disclose the name of the ‘special signed guest band due to them re branding and switching up genre styling.

But they have now released THE COLLIERS will be joining as main support, but the band are now called IRON HANDS bringing you some rock n roll from North Axholme. The boys have been recording their new material in London but are yet to release their new EP, all we know is it’s coming soon and it’s called ‘Noise Yard’. Before they visit Scunthorpe they will be stopping off to support a band called “Angel At My Table” in Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle.


Last but not least we have ODD RIVAL a British Indie Rock band from London. Who have just released a couple of new tracks and some videos.

Odd Rival

You can find the latest gig news and the Facebook events via http://www.facebook.com/scunnyaltscene 


Press Release// from Cafe INDIEpendent

Press Release from Cafe INDIEpendent:

As you may have seen from the notices displayed or the advert in the local media, we have applied for a Premises Licence, which will enable us to sell beer, cider or a nice glass of wine for you to enjoy with your sandwich or with nibbles after work or as part of one of our events.

However on occasions we want to offer a later evening event because, for instance, we’ve got an amazing northern soul/funk DJ on, or to showcase a local up and coming young (or not so young) band. This is because Cafe INDIEpendent is in part about enhancing the cultural and artistic offer for Scunthorpe. We’re proud to do things differently and of the events we’ve put on so far and all the ones we have planned for the future. Above all we work very hard to ensure that the events we put on are safe, do not encourage reckless or bad behaviour and contribute positively to the town.

Overall we want our venue to be very different from the pubs and clubs and not in competition. A place where people come because it feels welcoming, safe and different to anything else available. Like Cheers.

However, we need to advise our customers that to date we do not have a license as an objection has been made to our application and that this must go to a hearing scheduled for the 26th November. This may affect some of our immediately planned events.

We cannot and will not be selling alcohol, unless we have a Temporary Event Notice and the time frame did not allow for this for last weekend and this one.

The past few events have operated on Bring Your Own Bottle meaning that you can purchase alcohol at your convenience and bring it into the cafe to be enjoyed for a small corkage fee. The corkage fees are 50p per bottle or can of beer, £2 for a bottle of wine. Unfortunately spirits cannot be brought in. If you wish to take advantage of this, please present your alcohol to staff on arrival at the cafe. We will keep it chilled for you and charge you at the point of opening. What you don’t drink will be returned to you! Of course soft drinks, tea, hot chocolate and coffee are always readily available at the cafe. Byob will only apply when we advertise events as such.

So, basically you can still have a drink and attend our events, and in actual fact, it’s going to work out cheaper for you too! At Cafe INDIEpendent we look on the bright side, so that’s it – more pennies in your pocket and still quality events. And coming soon, fingers crossed – a fully functioning bar for events.

However selling alcohol will never be our primary purpose and we never forget what we are really about; which is our young people and our volunteers. Because they’re amazing. So many stories about so many young people who are getting better every day. Growing, like we all should be. Keeping them safe and developing them is our priority. Selling alcohol, coffees and delicious food is just a means to keep this going!!

Gig Alert// Mapped Out & GYH Present Racing Glaciers

On Friday 14th of November Lincoln Imp takes host to another fantastic line up with Mapped Out in association with Get Your Haircut Promotions to proudly present Racing Glaciers plus supports.

If you don’t know them, you soon will. They’re a fantastic 5-piece indie band from Macclesfield. Although a new offering, they’ve already played this year at Radio One’s One Big Weekend, The Great Escape, Beaconsfield, Secret Garden Party, Liverpool Sound City, Y Not and Strawberry Fields Festivals.

They combine pop melodies, powerful basslines and post-rock influences, are concrete proof that hard work, and plenty of it, pays off. The group made their first EP in just five days in a living room, earning critical online acclaim and then followed it up with their second, Ahead Of You Forever, at the start of 2014. This tour will be to support their third.

They have consistently released excellent offerings and have been brought to national attention through Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music.

Supporting Racing Glaciers will be The Carnabys+ Recruits.

The Carnabys visited the Lincoln imp earlier this year, we had never heard of them until then and they put on a great performance with a great list of catchy tunes and energy. Read our Carnaby’s review here.

The Recruits are also a relatively new band but are already becoming a favourite. Recently reaching the Scunthorpe Rock Open Finals, which will take place at the end of the month on November 29th at the Lincoln Imp. Read Recruits review here.

Advance tickets, priced £4, available from The Lincoln Imp

Join event on Facebook


Also this weekend- (See calendar for full details)



Welcome to the press release for our ONLY event this year. Who knows when we will do one again. We have hosted ONE OFF events before but since the live music scene kick started we have been behind the scenes helping other people promote their events and music.

It’s now time for our Annual appearance. This will be a limited capacity event. We are pleased to announce the event will be held at Cafe INDIEpendent, a place to enjoy music in the town centre with a real community feel and great gig atmosphere down in the basement. This will be an intimate gig, with plenty of energy. Music to jump around to.

Please join us to celebrate us nearing almost two years up and running as your local non profit community organisation Scunthorpe Nights.

This is will be a NO TICKET event, so it’s payment on the door only! Show up early to avoid the risk of not getting in. Once capacity is full, it’s full. £3 ON THE DOOR. So that’s Three bands for £3!!

The event will be open to ages 16+ 

As the name #AlterEgo suggests, it will be primarily alternative bands. Not heavy metal but a little more rocky. If you haven’t heard of the bands in the line up it is recommended you check them out as you never know they might turn you into an alt rock lover.

Our main headline is pretty special to us and their fans. They have had  airplay on BBC Introducing a number of times and also featured as BBC RADIO ONE’S track of the week. Where there track was played prime time for a whole week. They are also special as it was announced of their split due to the lead vocalist and guitarist leaving. So we bring you their FINAL GIG. Please welcome our headline band:


Join us in wishing the boys farewell as this will be Ameira’s FINAL gig.

‘An epic chunk of heavy, Anthemic alternative rock which easily keeps pace with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco and Twin Atlantic.’ -Tom Young

Next up


THE SPECIAL GUESTS we cannot name due to this being quite an exclusive to get them. We can say they’re a signed band undergoing a new image from out of town. So this has to stay Hushed for now.


Odd Rival is a Indie Rock band based in London. The band is fronted by brothers Patrick (bass/voices) & Chris Smith (guitar) alongside Alastair Batchelor (drums).


To support the event you can use this facebook banner.


Progress Update// The Alternative Disco Venues

Much interest has been shown over the past week in the idea of a NEW Alternative Disco in town. We have been running a survey to find out what you want. Please let us know your opinions.

Venues most mentioned have been The Baths Hall and Cafe INDIEpendent. The only problem with these venues is for a disco purpose is size and cost. There would be no disco lighting and built in DJ system in a such venue as Cafe INDIEpendent meaning the money would have to come from somewhere to start this voluntarily organised night. And the Baths Hall would be a large area to fill.

Abacus have shown interest in offering a Friday as an option with a selection of available dates but the rule (If it is not busy enough it ends at 11pm and normal club music starts).

We urge any venues interested in this night to please step forward so we can consider all options and venues. We don’t want to do things by halves. This type of event has to be done right. Chances are the trial won’t be perfect but it gives room for suggestion and improvement on future events. Ideally it would be great to move the bi-monthly/monthly disco around venues in town that suit the genre.

If you would attend or like to be involved in making it happen. Please join the new community. www.facebook.com/scunnyaltscene