Submit A Review

If you write us a review there is no pressure to submit more in the future but if you express your interest in regular reviewing we may ask you to join the team and give you permission to use Scunthorpe Nights press pass when requesting reviews.

You don’t need to be a professional journalist, you just need an opinion. You don’t need a fancy camera, just your trusty phone. Let’s see how it works:

Email Us 

I’ve already been to a gig or show and would like to submit my review.

Simply send us an email with your name and the gig review either attached as a word document or as email text. You can attach photos, JPG format only please.

If there is a gig/album I’d like to review, what should I do?

Firstly, contact us with details of the artist, venue and date. All requests must go through us first if you intend to state you are reviewing for Scunthorpe Nights.

I would like to contact the band PR/Management/Venue myself, is this OK?

This is OK in the case that you don’t use Scunthorpe Nights press pass without our permission. We usually like to speak to the PR first to confirm we have allowed you our access. ALWAYS check with the Scunthorpe Nights team in the private group that someone else hasn’t already requested tickets to something your about to.

Do I need to show a pass/ID when arriving at the gig?

If you join the team you will receive our Scunthorpe Nights press pass card or a lanyard. Most gigs/shows you will have to state your name and our organisation.

Do you pay me for my review?

We do not offer any money for your reviews.  We do not reimburse any expenses. You’re reviewing purely because you enjoy it, just like us. We receive no money for for we do, we are purely self funded web hosting/domain by me the creator (as a hobbie).

How long do the reviews need to be?

We don’t pressure you to write us an essay, so write as much as you have to say.

I’d like to take photo’s at a gig, is this possible?

Please ask the venue if photography is permitted before you ever go taking photos. Some events can be quite strict when it comes to this.

Can I interview an artist?

Usually email and phone interviews can be arranged through PR companies and on rare occasions you can interview in person.

What photo should I submit with my review?

Submit your best photos, we don’t expect pro photographer quality. Always ensure you have the rights to the photo and the photo is your or you have permission to use it.

What style should I do my review?

Style it however you like, our current reviewers all have different reviewing styles and different specialties of what they like to review. I like to keep mine quite informal and sometimes sarcastic so that it gives it a bit of light hearted humour. But take which ever route you feel comfortable with. Swearing is allowed.