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OK so we want to know, If a promoter put their selves on the line to bring a wanted act to the town, who would you want them to bring?

Mentions before have been a popular band called “Orphan Boy” they will be joining the May Tacheless All Dayer. But we want to know if you could watch an act/band in your hometown, well known or under the radar and who are realistically costed under £1,000 per performance booking, this is eliminating suggestions like Tinie Tempah & Jessie J like acts as obviously they are pushing anyone’s budget.

Who do you think would get a good attendance and sell out in Scunthorpe? We want to know what you think!


New Single: The Torn – “Take It”

Torn BandThe Torn are a Doncaster four piece rock band formed in 2005. Made up of Damian Dalton-Smith on Lead Vocals, Tim “Tay” Taylor on Bass, Nick Berry (not the one from Heartbeat although this would be strangely awesome if it were) on Lead Guitar, Nick also does the direction and design for the video shoots,  and Ben Mullins on Drums.
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Free Download: The Hubbards “Is It Me?”

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This song, I can’t even say why I love it so much. I heard it on our local BBC Introducing radio station and it just caught me from the word go. It’s just one of those songs you stick on repeat. The band are from Hull and it consists of Reuben on bass and singing
Alex guitar and singing, Ronan guitar and sometimes singing & Joe drums and on the odd occasion singing. So basically they all have ago at singing.

The tune cannot be deemed to be down beat at all, it’s really lyrics you can shout back at the band, I particularly like the repetitive echo seeming vocals in some parts. It is just a rather infectious sound with the guitar riffs, it almost sounds a little electro influenced. The slow drum beat really works for the rest of the composition of the track.  In my eyes this really is…

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Band Review:Get Down With Dirty Sterling

1234306_10205350527112035_7537157003814695560_nIndie rock’n’roller’s Dirty Sterling are without a doubt one of the most popular local bands in the area. Why? Well people just know their songs and they get the crowd going. Music with attitude and some encouraging stage banter to the audience.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an audience stand still to Sterling and this Saturday was no exception, they headlined a local gig to a packed out venue. They were set to appear at a new venue called Cafe INDIEpendent unfortunately the venue wasn’t ready due to it being completely renovated by volunteers and young people but with a last minute venue swop to a large bar down the road the night went smooth and the capacity went up. Continue reading Band Review:Get Down With Dirty Sterling

New Release: FAKE CLUB Debut Album ‘FUCKABLE’

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unnamed (1)

Clearly by the name of the album this won’t be one for the kid’s collection but never the less FAKE CLUB boast a genre-defying ethos, sound and line-up that transcends them into a realm of their very own.

Who is FAKE CLUB? 

They are a London girl guitar band who don’t really like to be categorised as GIRL BAND but the members are female, the debut album, FUCKABLE’, is set to release on March 24th.

The Songs..

‘Do What You Got To Do’ sets the tone emphatically with a heavy groove and riff. ‘Do It Like Me’ and ‘Generation’ are songs to walk the streets & grow up to while ‘Midnight At Koko’ shows off the band’s delicate attention to melody that can sometimes get overlooked.

The have supported artist Kate Nash.  Also the band made their silver screen debut in December appearing in the Vertigo Films release, Powder…

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