Warning to readers after facebook make changes to their web site

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We’re quite concerned about the number of our facebook friends who are not getting updates from our facebook page.

Sharing is caring - share our stuff, facebook shows you more. Sharing is caring – share our stuff, facebook shows you more.

This is not something which we have done, but it is due to the new “interaction policy” on facebook generally. This policy masquerades as providing you with “tailored content” but in effect puts pressure on page owners to pay for “boosting” their pages to reach more people.

As we are a not for profit organisation we think this is a little unfair.

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Knock Knock Comedy Club Tomorrow At The Baths Hall

Scunthorpe Independent News


Thursday, 29 May, 2014 8:00PM
The Baths Hall

This event will take place in the downstairs lounge at The Baths Hall.

Tickets are £9 each (booking fee may apply) and are only available in limited numbers. Line-up subject to change.
The Knock Knock comedy club returns with three more comedians.

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Dirty Sterling Presents Get Into Trouble

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Dirty Sterling- Party In The Pines Dirty Sterling fans getting a better look- Party In The Pines

Dirty Sterling are hosting a night of  bands both local and out of town at Scunthorpe town centre nightclub Henry’s on the 31st May. The night will no doubt carry the usual buzz and atmosphere Dirty Sterling create whilst performing. It’s great to see a band organise their own gig as usually a promoter would.  Join The Event Here.

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Free Event Tonight Ages 14-25yrs Ongo Pizza Party

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28 May 2014
Time: 16:00 – 20:00
Café INDIEpendent , 01724 845155

Do you like pizza, music, meeting new people and the chance of winning great prizes?

If you’re between 14-25 years old we’d love you to come to our ongo pizza party.

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Skarlett Riot – Hometown Gig Review


On Friday 23rd May Scunthorpe Nights went over to The Lincoln Imp to watch a local Rock Band come good, returned home, ready to rock. The one and only Skarlett Riot.

So this story starts with thunder.

Headed out of the house in the sunshine, video camera and tripod slung over my shoulder ready for our interview later on. I’d gone maybe 20 metres when the first spits and spots of rain came down another 10 meters and the sky dropped, hail and fury. So I was under a tree in a t-shirt trying to cover the camera up thinking you’re not supposed to stand under trees when there’s lightning but I cant go out there! Trying and failing to text “Save me!” onto a wet touch-screen. Thankfully I got rescued before I got washed away, and thoroughly soaked we made it to The Imp.

10415647_10152478106834587_366861809451841417_nNot been to The Lincoln Imp for a gig for a long, long time. Its a small intimate room, but there’s something right about sweat and darkness and close-pressed crowds for a rock gig. We headed on down to the cellar for the interview, where the generator was chugging away, and we set up amongst the taped-up gym gear and the tattered wrestling ring. And there were the band, all in black and ink. Skarlett, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen herself (the Lead Singer and Guitarist), Danny Oglesby ( the Lead Guitarist), Luke Oglesby (the Drummer) and Martin Shepherd (the Bassist). It’s not very rock and roll  I suppose but the first impression I got was ‘they really look after their hair’. They must have Timotei for blood. (it took 3 hours of Metallica, AC/DC and Pantera to purge this un-rock thought from my mind haha). They were all genuinely nice folks, happy to give up their time, we sat down asked a few questions, there was a little bit of banter, and you can hear what they had to say on the interview video below.  A big thanks to the band for letting us in for a few words it was an honour and a pleasure.SAM_0768

Interview over and back upstairs for some music. We picked our spot at stage left. They kicked off with Riot and it was plain they were well up for this. Straight away Danny was leaping all over the place, head banging, with Skarlett dancing back and forth, melting the mic with her stunning vocals, Martin adding a crushing rhythm with his awesome white bass guitar and Luke smacking at the drums as if they’d just admitted to loving Avril Lavigne. Throughout the whole performance they were stirring the crowd, cajoling them, ordering them to rock out, never letting up, never lowering the intense level of sound. Something like a storm building.


At this point, as always happens the tallest human in Scunny came and stood in front of me, you know wearing a hat just to give himself a couple more inches. So we had to climb onto the bar to see the show. And the show is loud. As it should be, the small room creating a cauldron, but its not just noise, you could hear the melody and the words, you have to be good for that to happen, I was so impressed at how tight and talented this band were. As you know Scunthorpe Nights is here to primarily promote our local artists and so we could be accused of being nice about everyone, we’re not, we’re honest and I would absolutely defy you to go see Skarlett Riot live and disagree with me. They tore through Tear Me Down and then Villain. A mosh pit started, a little tornado in the centre of the crowd and Danny was off stage and in there, guitar and all. The crowd loved it. Luke’s flipping his drumsticks in the air between beats, Martin’s jaunting around the stage entertaining, properly enjoying himself, and Skarlett’s just there, holding them all in awe as she belts out the words.

I told a friend of mine “I like Villain” and he said, “Yeah but you should hear Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” and I meant to listen but I never got round to it. Glad I forgot really because hearing it for the first time as live was amazing. Hard, gritty, head-banging stuff. It was their last song, and it took it up a notch, and took me back to that place when I loved rock and metal more than anything. It was like having the sky dropped on you, in hail and fury. And so it seems this story ends with a bit of thunder as well.

Top night, top band, nice people, nice hair, and hard rock. Thank you very much for coming home Skarlett Riot.
Thoroughly enjoyed getting caught in the storm.

Scunthorpe Nights admin wanted to add a little something to the review in saying:

It made a change to see a band that wasn’t indie, there are a lot of talented indie bands in the area but it’s nice to see one of the more alternative rising stars of Scunthorpe. It’s a whole different ball game at a close up personal rock gig, yes you can smell the sweat in room and feel the body heat clam on your skin from the surrounding audience but hey, who cares.

I have liked Skarlett Riot ever since I discovered them online, I knew they were from Scunthorpe but in this time they have never played their hometown to my knowledge. Which is understandable as they do gig in a lot of big venues and in many different cities and at festivals and are moving up the popularity scale from hometown to UK domination. I will definitely be making the effort to travel to go see them live again and wait in anticipation for them to return for another hometime gig as there was something quite special about it being a hometown gig for the band. I’m just hoping I don’t have to wait another 2 years for that.

The band as Nick said were all really lovely and welcoming and more than happy to help us out with our first self filmed and self edited video interview even without having fancy equipment.  Great night and great live stage presence and impressed that having listened to them online recorded that they were still amazing when belting it out live. Also have to say well done to the Lincoln Imp for lighting and top sound as always.

Scunthorpe Nights Interview With Skarlett Riot


tear me down

They are touring later this year and they have an Album out – Tear Me Down available on Amazon and ITunes etc. You can find them on Facebook Skarlett Riot Facebook. They are on Twitter @Skarlett Riot, #TearMeDown. Please please check them out.

Video Interview: Scunthorpe Nights Meet Skarlett Riot

Backseat Mafia


We had the pleasure of meeting Skarlett Riot for a Lincoln Imp basement interview. Gig review will be to follow shortly.

Take a look at what they had to say and a few clips of the gig. Really great turn out and atmosphere and great performances from The Ming City Rockers, Skarlett Riot and The Struts.

Apologies for the poor sound quality it’s our D.I.Y effort using a hand digital camera and a sony handycam and the buzzing sounds of a beer cellar but we will call it artistically raw 🙂

Thank you to Skarlett Riot for joining our D.I.Y interview.

Skarlett Riot The Interview

Well done to Nick our reviewer for taking lead in the question writing and delivering on his first interview while I moved the cameras about a bit.

The Struts

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New Music: The Backhanders

Courtesy of Trust a fox photography

I introduce to you The Backhanders…
Manchester band The Backhanders is comprised of members Stephen Chadwick,Pete Clark,Matty Owen and Ashley Taylor.
The band were formed 6 months ago and have to date played only a handful of gigs with great success. Continue reading New Music: The Backhanders

August Party In The Pines Headline & Acts Announced

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There are still more to come but as it stand at the minute we introduce you to Pines acts for 9th August 2014.

The newest addition to The local festival in May was the Hardr:ve Rave Cave, this time Hardri:ve are back bigger and better with their own big line up. So who are you most excited to see?

The full line up has not fully been announced and there could be more to come. Early birds will be on sale for £15 from Celebrate partyshop On Robert Street.

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Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair This Saturday

Scunthorpe Independent News

loulou This Saturday at The Baths Hall in Scuthorpe you have the chance to catch Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair.

The fair first started in 2008 in Sheffield. Lou Lou’s is now the largest
vintage fair in the UK serving 42 cities across the nation.
The fair features the finest vintage traders spanning the 1920s-1990s, a vintage tea party, a vintage hair salon & live acts.

Entry is £2, students/OAPs £1. Doors open between 12pm and 5pm.

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