Review: Funny Scunny – Heat Three

funny_scunnyOn Friday 13th June, Scunthorpe Nights attended the third and final heat before the Grand Final of Funny Scunny 2014 at The Baths Hall Scunthorpe. Please check out the previous reviews of heats 1 and 2. The layout was the same swish, ambient, with all the tables pointed at the performers. There were seven competitors on the bill this time, half of them comediennes to make a change from the previous heats. Continue reading Review: Funny Scunny – Heat Three


Review – “10 Weeks” Art, Design & Media Exhibition

10265661_1425187987755505_5428168555139489910_oTonight, Thursday 19th June I headed over to 3irty2wo  the New Art Gallery on The High Street, Church Square in the centre of Scunthorpe (a terribly short walk for me) to check out the opening night of the 10 Weeks” exhibition – displaying the work of the graduating students of the Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media at John Leggott College. Continue reading Review – “10 Weeks” Art, Design & Media Exhibition

Funny Scunny Heat 2 Review


So its Thursday 12th June and were here again at The Baths Hall for part 2 of the Funny Scunny comedy stand up competition. 6 more acts attempting to amuse us. Now last time it was a mix of bad and good. Continue reading Funny Scunny Heat 2 Review

Video: Party In The Pines May 2014 Highlights

Party In The Pines has grown every time, with more people hearing about it and word of mouth spreading. What makes Party In The Pines different from most other small festivals in or near Lincolnshire is it’s situated on a private clearing in a woodland with a fitting stage to its surroundings. It’s also a very reasonable price which includes Camping and Parking.

For those who don’t know what the festival is or what to expect from it this video gives you a little taster of what the day is like.

Already the Pines line up is filling up, with the Hardr:ive stage boasting favourites such as DJ SY, Mark EG & Mzone among many more.

The headliners as you may have already seen are The Sunshine Underground.

If you did go in May, maybe you will see yourself? Who did you most enjoy on stage? And who would you like to see again or for the first time?

Article: Support Music, It Supports You

Music can trigger memories, it can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can make you think and it can make you smile.

Music is a big part of our lives. We use it for special occasions and to set the mood in movies and television shows. Music can help us pass the time or connect us to our roots. Listening to music takes the whole brain, and has many positive and beneficial effects.

It Heals – Music can reduce chronic pain and improve depression. It does this by making the body release endorphins, slowing the breathing and heart rate, distracts the patient, and helps give the patient a feeling of control. It can strengthen the immune system and reduce blood pressure.

Makes you smarter – Music can help you learn better in reading, math, and reasoning skills. It can also improve memory. Certain types of music stimulate both sides of the brain, thereby enhancing learning, concentration, and retention. Musical training improves memory even more than just listening.
Improves physical performance – There is a reason why you see people running while listening to their iPod. Music decreases fatigue and improves motor reflexes. It can help people with movement disorders.

Improve productivity – Certain kinds of music lessen fatigue. Music can increase productivity by making workers mentally sharper. I mean it’s likely if you turn up some pumping tunes and hard hitting face paced beats doing your cleaning becomes less of a chore and you move around to it.

Calms – Music can calm and relax. It reduces stress and negative emotions. It can also help you meditate.

Improves moods – Music can help with depression. Research is proving what many cultures have known that music heals and has positive therapeutic uses.

Studies have also shown heavy/metal/screamo can cause anger, but just handle that in the mosh pit.

Music cannot be defined to words only your eyes and your mind can decide.

So you see the point I’m getting to is, Music is important. This is why you should support it as it supports you a lot throughout your life. One day an artist you have supported may produce a song that becomes the soundtrack to your life.

I say soundtrack to your life, have you ever walked down the street with your ear phones in selecting mood appropriate songs imagining your in a movie walking down the road to this soundtrack of your day? No…Maybe not but if you own an MP3 player you probably have playlists to suit your different days.

What music/artist do you listen to when you need cheering up?


Gig Review: London Band ‘The Carnabys’

Scunthorpe Independent News


As a first of many times now, we went to discover some new music in Scunthorpe, this time Get Your Haircut Promotions hosted The Carnabys.
What a treat they were, the lead vocals, brilliantly talented voice and enthusiasm to go with it.

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