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Exclusive: Exciting new Cafe bar to open in the town centre with something for everyone

Scunthorpe Independent News

Café INDIEpendent has long been an idea of local entrepreneur and charity worker David Plumtree, and today it took a crucial step forwards to its fulfilment with the signing of the lease.

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Opening Night Event At Café INDIEpendent

Scunthorpe Independent News


The venue is still undergoing a lot of hard work to get it near ready for opening. The first event will be held down in the basement of the building. If you remember the building as SOHO then down the steps to where Cram computers used to be situated. This is a great building with interesting levels. Which is why it will make a perfect and interesting venue and stand out from the ordinary standard you would usually categorise Cafe under.

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Scunthorpe Independent News

Please note this is an old Article for May 2014 Party In The Pines the next Party In The Pines 2015 info can be found here See Info Here

The biggest local festival is nearly upon us and tickets are going down. With Less than 400 physical tickets remaining locally. We strongly recommend getting tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

You may have heard Party In The Pines organiser (Gaz Hird) appear yesterday on BBC Humberside radio live with Dirty Sterling, who gave a nice acoustic performance on the show.

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Last year YOUR votes won this prestigious event for Scunthorpe – lets do it this year, PLEASE VOTE it takes seconds.

Scunthorpe Independent News

Last year, through a campaign run through our web site, you, the good people of North Lincolnshire voted for and won a national competition to see renowned artists Cullian & Richards stage their highly controversial “The ultimate Materiality of Women II” show based around the cult film Faster Pussycat Kill Kill.

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Cinema Release Review: 12 Years A Slave

Backseat Mafia

12 Years A Slave was released in the USA last year but has only just been released onto the UK cinema screens.
If you are easily offended or feeling low, I wouldn’t recommend this film. It depicts the disgusting attitude taken towards slavery.
It’s a rather shocking film and if you tear up easily i’d suggest you grab a box of tissues. It does last a rather long length of time and it uses long scenes to dramatise certain situations.
It’s a deep and saddening film leaving you feel relieved for the ending to be happy but also a little low from the behavior you have just seen is based on a true story from the 1853 autobiography by Solomon Northup.
I won’t give too much away but the scenes are powerful and involve a lot of slave punishment and attitude. The main character Solomon is a New York State-born…

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Update: Café INDIEpendent The New Venue In Town

Scunthorpe Independent News

At Cafe INDIEpendent you may have noticed people working to get the venue ready on a day to day basis. Many of you may have had a peak inside the window and some may never have passed it at all. But David Plumtree and his team are working to a deadline to open so the pressure is on.

They urgently need plasterers! so if you are one or know one please pass the article on and get in touch and volunteer some time to a worthwhile community project. Contact: or message the Cafe INDIEpendent facebook page.

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Film Review: Insidious ‘Chapter 2’ Spolier

Backseat Mafia


The first installment of Insidious left me unimpressed and bored to say the least. So much so I can barely remember what happened but the basic storyline of the Lambert family’s son Dalton lost in the spirit world and separated from his body lost in the world of the dead. Dalton and his father both have the ability to enter the spirit world and leave their body as they sleep, which can lead to complications of the dead trying to take host of the sleeping body.

In the first chapter Dalton is brought back to his physical body but in the transition his dad’s body is taken over by the chilling lady in black and the murder of medium Elise Rainier.

Chapter 2 picks up where the story left off and can get a little confusing at times as it goes back in time a lot to when the father of the…

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New Music: The Native Braves ‘HEARSAY’

Backseat Mafia

Indie beats from the North East formerly known as a band called The Rickashays now reformed to make The Native Braves.
With distinctively unique lead vocals and female backing on the new track. A lot of bands coming out appear to be rocking female drummers which is great to see. You see females more as backing vocals, lead and sometimes on a tambourine but the girls are getting out there and hitting the skins.
The Native Braves have been working hard to produce some new tracks and also in progress of filming a new music video to be expected later this year. The result of this is a new track named ‘HEARSAY’.  The band have released a teaser on their Soundcloud before the initial release so go check it out and see if you like what the band are doing.
The band members comprise of:
  • Alex Rusted – Guitar/ Vocals

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DVD Release: You’re Next

Backseat Mafia


Set for release on DVD on Monday 13th January 2014. If you like gory thrillers then this is probably a good film for you to watch. Films like this can sometimes be very stupid and tedious.  However I continued to watch the film.

By first impressions of the 1st 10 minutes of the film, you would think oh great another rip off version of scream. A slash and kill scene ending with blood written You’re Next on the patio doors, yes I know gripping. (Not)

Anyway Continuing to watch the film reveals an actual storyline as  the Davison family comes under a sadistic attack during a family reunion in their parents new and very large house in the country.

When one of the sons of the family Crispian Davison brings his new girlfriend along to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his parents, the family’s evening together is shattered when…

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