Review//Video: Alessa’s Nowhere @ Lincoln Imp

Saturday evening we were invited to the American Frat Party hosted by Xplosiv! promotions at the Lincoln Imp.  Not listed on the original lineup but filling in for Native Braves due to their Tramlines slot was Alessa’s Nowhere. A solo performer from Manchester, originally from the Scunthorpe/Winterton area.

First impressions of the setup were fantastic, inciting intrigue into what we were going to hear, due to the equipment setup – A Macbook pro, small sound desk, midi controllers, an electric guitar and range of pedals, all for a solo artist.

2014-07-26 21.38.13

Taking to the stage, it was evident the sound of Alessa’s Nowhere is much bigger than that of a solo act, achieved through backing tracks composed by the performer, using a mix of instruments, synths and drum loops, whilst playing guitar and singing along with the tracks.

Alessa’s Nowhere’s music has an 80’s synth / electric  feel to it. I would liken the sound to that of Simple Minds, Gary Numan or The Cure with the performer looking a little like a young Robert Smith.

The music was well-played and in time with the backing tracks and vocals were spot on. Despite being alone on the stage which can be quite daunting, the combination of the full band sound and the performers personality shone through and he easily earned his place on the stage amongst the other full bands that took to the stage that night.

It was refreshing to see another new act in the Scunthorpe area, especially one that is interesting to watch and incorporates a bit of technology. We hope to see Alessa’s Nowhere return to the area again soon.




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Written by Casper Croft

Live Review: New Alt Rock Band ‘Recruits’

New North Lincolnshire Alternative Rock band ‘Recruits’ took to the Lincoln Imp stage at the weekend for the All day American Frat Party hosted by Xplosive Promotions. Where there were red cups,american decor, rollover hot dogs and a bouncy castle.

Having not had chance to see the new band ‘Recruits’ perform until now and Alt rock being my preferred live music  choice I was looking forward to hearing them.

Band Members:
Steve Dean Smith – Vocals
Ben Yarrow – Lead Guitar
Eddie Vessey – Rhythm Guitar
Keiran Timmis – Bass Guitar
Jonno Smith – Drums

From the outset very pleasing and friendly stage presence and crowd interaction. It was a tough night to perform as the room was so hot that any band performing did well to keep going. But they didn’t let this get in their way. They started their set with a new take on the Ed Sheeran song ‘Lego House’. Which is always nice, I enjoy seeing bands take a cover song and completely change it into something else.

Their enthusiasm was great and the lead vocalist had a brilliant voice. A band can be technically tight and have a good set but having a talented singer is what sets you apart from the rest.

The guys then went through a setlist of their own songs and being a relatively new formation ran out of songs when the crowd wanted an encore but everyone was happy enough to listen to the Ed Sheeran cover once more.

Here is a quick video we took

The fanbase is already growing for ‘Recruits’ and the list of gigs they are being booked for you can find them on facebook here

Manager Sam Broadbent for bookings –

About The Band:

Recruits are a newly formed alternative rock band from the North Lincolnshire/Humberside area. The band started from two of their members (Ben Yarrow and Adam Harrison) ex Lead Guitarist and Drummer from a former North Lincolnshire band “A Promise Worth Keeping”.

When APWK decided to stop playing music together as a band Ben and Adam took it into their own hands to start a new band and continue to gig around Lincolnshire whilst writing original songs, however this needed help from other musicians to form another band to reach these goals. They gathered help from Eddie, Keiran and (eventually) Steve, and thus the new band, Recruits was formed. Blending a mix of soft acoustics, punchy verses and catchy chorus’ Recruits are bringing a new sound to the table of Scunthorpe’s music scene!

The band started writing original material in April and released their debut single Right Words on the 11th May 2014, which received a very positive reception from listeners. Towards the end of May, the band made a collective decision to ask Adam to leave the band for a number of reasons/issues that were holding the band back. After gaining a new drummer, Jonno and shortly appointing a Manager, Sam; the band started to take off properly.

The band are now continuously gigging across Lincolnshire/Yorkshire, both acoustically and as a full band, and have some big shows planned at each end of the country. Recruit’s debut EP is in the final stages of being produced and is scheduled to be released by the end of 2014!

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Humber Street Sesh Saturday 2nd Aug

Humber Street Sesh is a one day festival to promote and celebrate the excellence and diversity of Hull’s Creative Community. Featuring over 150 local bands across 10 stages with a comedy stage, skate park, pop up cinema, art galleries, photo exhibitions, street theatre a street market and street entertainers all squeezed into the fruit Market area.

Disabled accessDisabled toiletsFacilities for groupsAccepts groupsFacilities for conferencing

Event details

Dates Times
Sat 2 Aug 2014 10am to 2am
Gates open at 10am and the event closes at 2am. There are a limited number of tickets (2000) available on the gates.


Wristbands can be purchased for the website or from selected outlets. Wristbands are priced at £3.

Under 12’s go free with a paying adult.

Hull Box Office

07737 464524

Do You Want To Humber Hop This Sunday?


Across the Humber Bridge | Sunday 27th July | 10am-5pm

YMCA Humber’s mammoth space hopping mission, the Humber Hop returns for 2014 and will again take place at the iconic landmark of the Humber Bridge on Sunday 27th July.

Fundraisers will space hop across the bridge to raise money so we can help provide sporting and cultural activities to some of the most deprived local communities across the Humber Region. 

Over the last two years, YMCA Humber has helped communities across the Humber Region put on events that have benefited their local areas.

Teams of between one and six people can take part in the event for a registration fee of £20 per group, which covers the cost of one space hopper, which we will provide to you, and any repairs that need to be made, and they can then raise funds online.



Register for this campaign – click “Sign Up”

to fundraise and review results

SUPPORTERS, you can:
1. Sponsor an Individual
2. Sponsor or Join a Team
3. Make a direct donation.

If your team needs more space hoppers then you can purchase them for £20 at the following link:

YMCA Humber Shop

The £20 price covers the cost of the Hopper and also postage and packing. If you would prefer to collect the space hopper from our offices, please contact us using the details in the top right corner of this page and we will waive the P&P costs.


Local Duo ‘The Duke & The Daisy’ Through To The Finals

Local duo talented singer-songwriters and performers ‘The Duke and The Daisy’ are in with a chance of winning the £10,000 prize, an album release and a priceless platform for their music, in a unique competition by The Convent, dubbed The Song 2014.

Event organised by The Convent.

Musicians who are fed up with formulaic, televised talent contests are in with a chance of winning. This competition is dubbed an ‘anti Voice-Factor’, the exciting competition is giving real songwriters a shot at getting their music produced and heard.

The unique format saw bands & solo artists enter two original songs, with the most talented acts being shortlisted going on to perform live in front of a studio audience, which was broadcast across the globe through Netgig. The Duke & The Daisy went live last night and for those people who bought a ticket, shared a status or wished them good luck I’m sure they are very grateful as they made it to the FINAL!

We are through to the finals of !!!! We are so overwhelmed THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted can’t thank you enough!!

The competition lets real music fans decide who wins by voting online, with the coveted prize including £5,000 cash; £5,000 worth of studio production time and artwork for an album; an edited version of their winning performance being uploaded to the Netgig archive; a profit-share of all paid-for downloads; and an album release on Convent Records.


We wish the duo the best of luck for the final and we ask that you ‘the public’ keep supporting them. These two are constantly pushing local music. Both Bash & Charlie work very hard at their music to be honest it seems like they have a new song written every week. They have been busy recording and writing and put so much dedication into their music.


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Party In The Pines Scunthorpe have kindly given us TWO FREE TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY.

So it’s easy…There are two instructions…

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— with Party In The Pines Scunthorpe and Scunny Nightnday.





Interview: Peacock Sessions//Full Vibes – All Ages Event

Ok so this is a new event brought to you by Acid Peacock, so we thought to make it a little easier to understand what it’s all about and avoid confusion we would lay it out for you by asking Acid Peacock (Brad Dring-Hill) a few questions about his event idea. There are two separate posters for this event one is for the live music stuff and the other is for the Hardr:ve event upstairs but both are included in the ticket price. There is also a FAMILY HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY. (Read More Below) This event will take place on August 24th 2014.

What is Peacock Sessions about and what’s going to happen?
This is an all encompassing bank holiday takeover of the biggest and best nightclub in scunthorpe.
Using Henry’s sound rig, A fearsome lineup of unsigned bands, an 8 hour dance event with headline slots in the main room and an afternoon acoustic session all included in the one ticket. The event will be hosted by martin morgan too, Scunthorpes number one entertainer and host.

What are the rules on under 18’s attending?
Under 18’s are allowed to enjoy the event from opening until 23:45, which is when the headline band will finish their set. There needs to be a responsible adult with all groups of minors but that can mean one in charge of a group. Obviously alcohol will not be on sale without i.d but there will be a range of soft drinks available.
I’m delighted to be able to include future crowds into this, as theres no other u18 event of this magnitude in the local scene.

What do people get for their money?
For the advanced ticket price of £5, you get 3 events. An afternoon jam and acoustic session hosted by legacy radio and Bash acoustic and finally “Full Vibes” a Trance, drum & bass event upstairs in Zebraz hosted by Hardr:ve and the Peacock Sessions hosted by myself. (Brad Dring-Hill).

This event will be a showcase, every band playing is outstanding and well regarded on their respective scenes. Full Vibes also promises to be something special as Hardr:ve are hosting the rave stage at Party in the Pines festival, so the upstairs line up promises to be a showcase of talent. 1210’s and cdj’s will be used for real mixing.

Why did you decide to do this type of event and what are you expecting from it?
I chose to do an all-dayer purely because I believe Scunthorpe is ready for it. My indie Friday events at the abacus are proving to be extremely popular due to the calibre of bands I’m bringing to play in Scunthorpe. I’m aiming for a stadium gig inside a nightclub, and that’s what I’m delivering.
Due to the venue having two rooms, and noticing how popular our rave and acoustic aspects are at P.I.T.P I decided to include both of them in this event to give even more value for the meagre door charge.

Why is Henry’s your venue of choice?
I chose to do an event at henrys after local Dirty Sterling’s “get into trouble” event, I saw the potential the room would provide with an outstanding lineup so chose to do a bespoke event there, similar to my “latte live sessions” event at the Abacus on the 1st of february. I believe it deserves to be used for a tailor made, professionally run event.

What bands have you got and why should people come see them?
Everyone on this lineup is hand picked for being at the top of their game for both the live show and recorded. Be it puppet rebellion who are hotly tipped for success or the swiines who sell out venues like rock city for fun, every single act is a headliner and their live shows are incredible.

Check the event link out for more info and links, make sure you click attending too as there’s more exciting details yet to be announced..


You are having two separate genre events in the same venue on the same day for very different tastes, how are you going to work this and where will the events take place (i.e) both downstairs or one up one down?  It’s one combined ticket for the whole event, nothing is off limits so everyone’s musical tastes can be addressed. The main room’s capacity is 900+ and upstairs is 250+ so there should be room for everyone to see what they want. That being said, I’m hearing very positive things about all aspects from this event so it’s worth turning out early to make sure full vibes isn’t at “one in one out.”

It also gives partygoers the freedom to choose what they want to listen to, without having to leave the venue, something which I’m delighted to be able to offer.

There is a lot of competition out there at the minute for local venues and promoters what sets your event apart from the rest?
I think my event speaks for itself, you’ll be hard pressed to find an event of this magnitude for the door charge in a room as all encompassing as henrys. Due to the scale and the content I believe the door charge of £10 is very reasonable. But for those who purchase advance tickets the price is reduced to £5 for the entire event. Everyone involved is working extremely hard on this and would like it to become a regular format, when it proves as popular as it promises to.
We’re also using Henry’s state of the art sound rig in the main room, which is rated at 30k and hiring the b&m bins setup for full vibes, so this event will sound as good as the lineups deserve.

Theres also another incentive to purchase tickets, theres only going to be 400 released, and on the night one lucky number will be drawn to win a family holiday in either september this year, or may next year*

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is buy a ticket from Celebrate Partyshop in Scunthorpe, or from an authorised ticket reseller.
check Coastfields Holiday Village for site info.

Keep checking this event page and Acid Peacock Promotions for more prizes yet to be announced.

*t&c’s apply see

Where can tickets be purchased from?
Limited tickets are available from the friendly people at Celebrate Partyshop on Robert street in Scunthorpe (next to Salvatore) in limited quantities and are available now. Why not pick up some American treats, Party supplies or a blyton ice cream while you’re there?




Hosted By Martin Morgan




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New Family festival launches on August 30th

New Family festival launches on August 30th.

Now we know we have Broughton Party In The Pines on August 9th catering for the Indie lover and the hardcore ravers but it is an over 18 event and more adult rated. We also get local Fake Fest every year on Winterton showground.

What is different about the new Slate Festival? Well it’s cheaper than Fake festival for a family day out and fake fest mainly uses cover bands. Slate Fest is providing an affordable day and over night stay for families to enjoy.

If you and your family want a close to home day out and a night in a tent then Slate Fest won’t set you back too much with reasonably priced tickets and 1 child under 10 free with every paying adult.

The Line Up So Far:


To add to the family fun there will also be:

  • Festival Face Painting
  • Best Dressed Festival Goer Competition
  • Inflatable Games Area (eg., bungie run, rodeo bull etc)
  • Pimm’s Tent
  • Trade stands (further enquiries welcome)
  • Ice Cream
  • Bar and Food on-site
  • Camping is FREE but MUST be pre booked.

Gates will open at 2pm. Anyone who has booked camping can arrive from 11am. Campers must leave the site (as they found it) before 2pm on Sunday.
Breakfast will be available in the morning.

Where will you find Slate Fest?
Get off at junction 4 of M180, head towards Scunthorpe on the A18 to the next roundabout (500 yards). At this roundabout continue on the A18 to Scunthorpe. As you drop down the hill from the roundabout, take first turn off to the left signposted Kirton Lindsey (B1398), then take the first right signposted for Holme and Bottesford. Continue for about half a mile until you see the Golf Club on the right hand side. Just past this take a left turn on to Holme Lane, go over the M180. Slate House Farm is the third entrance on the right hand side after you have gone over the motorway bridge.Alternately if you have ever been to the Carboot at slate farm (It’s there).

FACILITIES will include Toilets (including disabled)
A variety of quality food and drink outlets are available (alcoholic and soft drinks will be on sale using a token system (which can be purchased on the day).

Early Bird Tickets available up to 16th August, either on-line or at our local outlets.

Early Bird Ticket Prices:
Adult: £12.00 \ 10-17 Years & Students: £10.00 \ Second Child: £5.00

Need to know more? Check out their colourful website @

So if your looking for a fun day out with the family get yourself to Slate Fest. But If you are looking for a child free crazy party check out Party In The Pines tickets are also still available. Or why not do both?

Slate House Farm, Holme Lane, Holme, Scunthorpe DN16 3RE

Review: Words Are Weapons – The Clash


Saturday 19th July saw us review the Words are Weapons rap / grime event at Henry’s in Scunthorpe Town centre.

Words Are Weapons – The Clash is the UK’s largest growing MC Clash event. The event is currently touring the country, pitting local rap and grime artists against each other, as well as bringing larger names from the rap battle scene to fans across the Country.

The event was held in the Zebras upstairs at Henrys. This provided an intimate setting for the crowds that were already arriving when the doors opened at 2pm.
It was good to see an excellent turnout for this kind of event in Scunthorpe, which is as far as we know, the first of its kind in the area.
2014-07-19 15.16.59Warming up the event on the decks was TT, playing an excellent selection of urban music which really added to the atmosphere in the room.

The clashes followed after. Clashes are split in to 3 rounds, with each rapper having 90 seconds to out-perform the other. At the end, the nominated judges for the event decide who the best artist was.  In the interest of fairness, rappers not from the local area will have their battles judged online, to remove any bias.

The calibre of all the contestants involved was impressive. These guys have clearly spent a lot of time and effort perfecting their craft, with all showing decent timing, well thought-out lyrics, witty insults, references to the local area and humour which had the crowd cheering and laughing.

The event didn’t go strictly to plan, as some of battlers from out of town failed to turn up. This was handled in the best way possible by the organiser despite the set back, organised an ad-lib royal rumble 3-way clash, so everyone on the bill got to participate at the event.
Despite the setback, everyone we spoke to afterwards had thoroughly enjoyed it, and were pleased this kind of event was catered for locally. We hope to see more of the same in the near future as it was a pretty popular genre.

Thanks to WAW for inviting Scunthorpe Nights along and we hope to see Words Are Weapons in the area again soon.

Guest Reviewer: Casper Croft

Community Champion Awards 2014 – Sponsors and Awards

Community Champion Awards 2014 – Sponsors and Awards

Nominations now open- Online Nomination Form Here

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for the time they dedicated to volunteering or for overcoming barriers or excelling in a sport of the arts? Is there a community group that deserves recognition for its work in the local community, or do you know someone who is a true inspiration to others? If so, nominate them today!

Community Champion Awards online nomination form

You can nominate people by completing the online form above, request a nomination form by emailing or call 01724 297270. You can also pick up a nomination form at any local link or library in North Lincolnshire. The deadline for nominations is Sunday 21 September 2014.

A full list of the awards and the criteria to be met is available in the Community Champion nomination leaflet.

The awards are split into four categories – Volunteer, Achievement, Community, and Inspiration. Across these, there will be 22 individual awards presented, each sponsored by a local business. See list of sponsors below:

  • Young Volunteer of the Year – Jotun Paints (Europe) LTD
  • Adult Male Volunteer of the Year – Ongo
  • Adult Female Volunteer of the Year – Ongo
  • Anti-Bullying Champion – North Lincolnshire Council
  • Personal Courage – Clugstons Construction
  • Sports Achiever of the Year – Scunthorpe United FC
  • Young Sports Achiever of the Year – North Lindsey College
  • Young Arts Heritage Achiever of the Year – North Lincolnshire Council
  • Adult Arts Heritage Achiever of the Year – The Baths Hall
  • Outstanding Achievement Young – North Lindsey College
  • Outstanding Achievement Adult – Quality Solicitors Bradbury, Roberts & Raby
  • Community Champion of the Year – Scunthorpe Telegraph
  • Outstanding Contribution to a Safer Community Neighbourhoods Team
  • Outstanding Contribution to a Learning Community – NLC Adult Community Learning
  • Outstanding Contribution to a Stronger Community – Humberside Fire & Rescue
  • Community Project of the Year – GS Kelsey LTD
  • Community Sports Team of the Year – Humber Sports Partnership Ltd
  • Young Carer of the Year – Kapil Care Homes
  • Adult Carer of the year – Marjara Care Homes
  • Services to School Governance – North Lincolnshire Council
  • Fresh Start – Fresh Start
  • Lifetime Achievement – Pepperells Solicitors

We will be nominating for who we believe have achieved greatly for the local community to improve the area and bring something different to Scunthorpe. So why don’t you do the same. If you download the Community Champion nomination leaflet. It will explain to you the categories clearly.



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