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A Scunthorpe Nights Update

Firstly we cant be on the ball 24/7 as this is just our hobby, there is only two of us at the moment but are always interested in speaking with people who want to contribute. The less admins and different people posting the less complicated so that’s why we keep it simple. The saying too many cooks spoil the broth.

But the price you pay for this is not being able to find or cover every event happening unless it is sent through. How do we find out whats on? Every week people contact us, we check feeds, statuses, event listing, Facebook event invites and posters around town.

What can we do for you? Now we are mainly only doing charity and organisation posters now i.e drama/plays/charity events. As it became quite time consuming to be making gig posters for a lot of the promoters and gigs around town over and over again free. We are still involved with Party in The Pines, working on ideas for a new logo to be made, whether we make it or the ideas are just used to inspire.

We are happy to promote, help and give advice. All we ask in return is you invite your friends list to our page to like it or share the link to our page on your timeline. We are happy to add our 100’s of friends to like your page in return.

Doing the odd gig poster we may consider depending on what we have on.

We are entertainment and arts partner of http://www.thescunthorpeindependent.com covering local events and happenings. We do a few odd interviews but mainly reviews of shows and performances.

If you are wanting a music or video review we have another platform Scunthorpe Nights admin now writes for http://www.backseatmafia.com based in Sheffield.

We can now reach your music or event out to people through various social networking accounts and websites.

As for events we have now done 3 events one RnB with live performances, a black and white party which sold out to capacity of 200 people and a gig in converted church (The Light) These were never set to be repeat events as we just don’t have the time to plan events on a regular basis.

We may return in the new year with another addition to The Black and White party but until then, keep posting and sending us your stuff. And let us help promote you.

Video Review: Super Electric Party Machine – ‘Boys That Go Woot!’ Ft. Roxy Cottontail

Backseat Mafia

This is a brand new video for a song that features on a  brand new and exciting album to be released 0n January 13th 2014. Carnage Music present ‘Super Electric Party Machine’ But we will talk a little more about the album info after the video release. The video is for ‘Boys That Go Woot!’ Ft. Roxy Cottontail.

First impressions of the video reminds me of a japanese show. Using pop up bubble gum words and  Roxy Cottontail’s distinctive pink hair. Fast cut clips to a fast track tune. The use of children in the video as opposed to using men is in a way quite clever. I mean she is singing I like the boys. Does add a little comedy to the video with dancing cool kids, this video isn’t to be taken seriously but to be taken in a the spirit of light hearted fun, get up and dance party kind of attitude…

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Track Review: Kera and The Lesbians “Snakes”

Backseat Mafia

At the minute I’m quite into my indie/folk influenced bands so on first time hearing Kera and The Lesbians new song “Snakes” off the upcoming EP, to be released in the new year, I was pleasantly surprised and quite captivated by the sound.
The track starts of quite quiet with some very softly sang lyrics then the beat kicks in and hits you. A strong presence of tambourine and big bass line. They describe themselves as bipolar folk, Not sure this is how I would describe them but the song itself is beautiful in the sense it’s not overly produced. The vocals have a certain effect to them which gives it a great uniqueness almost echoing is how I can attempt to describe them, with a feel of an early music era. At times very percussion based sound but what they do with that percussion is a powerful thing!

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Band Interview: Sheffield Based Band “The North”

Backseat Mafia

A few months ago the boys sent Scunthorpe Nights their latest demo, we were very impressed with the quality of the song writing, melody and feel of the music. You can tell where their influences derive from as it comes through in the sound they produce. It appears fans agree as they seem to have quite a following on social media and at performances.

The band tweeted to a fan:
The North ‏@TheNorthBandUK

 “we are working really hard on the new album and need to get it bang on before we tour it 🙂 xxx”

So you can expect to see these boys in venues across the UK soon I expect.  This year alone they have played some pretty established venues and festivals such as The Sheffield O2 arena and Mosborough Festival among others. Not only will you spot them at various gigs and venues you can also catch them…

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