Let your dreams take flight at The Baths Hall this Easter

Let your dreams take flight at The Baths Hall this Easter.


Humberside Police Appeal, Do you know this man’s identity?


Article Posted (27 January, 2014 @ 14:51:22)

Police need assistance to locate the friends and family of man in North East Lincolnshire

In around September 2013 a man was brought to the attention of police in North East Lincolnshire who appeared to be sleeping rough in the Cleethorpes area. Since that time police and a number of agencies have been working to try and establish an identity for the man, however this has proved unsuccessful.

The man, who has been fully co-operative with the police and the other agencies, gave his name as David THORPE, or a first name of Tony, and his date of birth as 05 October 1955. A thorough search of both police and NHS systems cannot find a man with those details. He states he thought he was from the Rotherham area, but was not sure and he could have connections in Blackpool. Continue reading Humberside Police Appeal, Do you know this man’s identity?

Encore’s Sunday Club Changes Venue

Scunthorpe Independent News

Every Sunday since last year Sunday Club has been a popular night in Scunthorpe town center held at the bar known as Encore situated next to Lidl on Britannia corner.

Every week people go out especially to attend the live music night Sunday Club. It has grown it’s own individual fan base and regular acts but the organisers of the night have recently turned it into Jam Night. But now it’s time for change!

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Volunteer To Support Local, Calling All Aspiring Photographers, Writers, Video Bloggers

All the networks we write for or work with are all through volunteering. We don’t get paid for anything we do.

However we review events and music and receive some tickets to review and also free download releases of various worldwide artists.

As you may know our main platforms are:

Scunthorpe Nights– Providing entertainment posts, graphics & all round promotion working on projects and events with various people.

 Scunthorpe Independent News– We are the Arts & entertainment partner of the widely growing network of news & reviews. The change over and re brand from Visit Scunthorpe. Working a long side a team of local people who volunteer their time to tell you what is happening.

BackSeatMafia– This is one of our newer ventures in which we are sent press releases to review album/tracks from worldwide musicians even “Example’s” PR team. The site is based from admin in Sheffield but writers collaborate from all over the UK and outside. They are currently planning to start their own live music gigs in Sheffield in which we have put acts forward.

(Only we have access to the partnership websites TheScunthorpeIndy & BackSeatMafia, writers will not be able to directly post onto this site without us doing it for you if relevant it will be shared and re blogged.) Continue reading Volunteer To Support Local, Calling All Aspiring Photographers, Writers, Video Bloggers

What’s Happening In The Area, Events & Ents

Scunthorpe Independent News

The Darkness @ The Baths Hall

January To February

Swan Lake – Moscow City Ballet
Wed January 29 2014 7:30PM
Thu January 30 2014 7:30PM
The Baths Hall

Nutcracker – Moscow City Ballet
Fri January 31 2014 7:30PM
Sat February 1 2014 2:30PM
Sat February 1 2014 7:30PM
The Baths Hall

Acid Peacock Presents Latte Live Sessions
Café INDIEpendent in Scunthorpe
Saturday, 1 February 2014

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Our very own meet-up!

Scunthorpe & N Lincs LGBTQ

Note that this article contains words that some readers may find to show us to be stereotyping

On facebook, a new event which literally took facebook famous people by storm are ‘meet-ups’ where a huge group of facebookers meet. Usually, they all end up with Police being called and with eggs and flour being thrown at someone.

Approximately 1-in-3 young people are gay, lesbian or bi-sexual and half of the time, we don’t even know about it! There are so many reasons why young people would want to keep their sexuality quiet.

Inspired by the meet-ups hosted on facebook, some members of Scunthorpe LGBT are thinking of planning one but before we host one, we want to find out what you would think if we did host one.

We are inviting you and your friends to come along and meet new people, no matter what sexuality. We would like anybody…

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REVIEW: Wicked the Musical (London)

Scunthorpe & N Lincs LGBTQ

Since July, 2011, I have been a massive fan of a show called Wicked which originally was based on the novel ‘The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West’ by Gregory Maguire. The hit, worldwide sensation opened in 2003 at the Gerswhin Theatre after grueling preview in San Francisco. I say ‘grueling’, but really they were horrific. After baring the unreleased audio recordings of the workshops and previews, I can say that Wicked almost certainly wouldn’t have worked without the changes that happened.

But after seeing the show 3 times, I have finally came to the conclusion, Wicked is the best show ever to have opened on Broadway and the West End.
Now, Wicked proudly announces it has two US national tours, one UK tour and a London production, an Australian tour and many other productions, too. But one country it hasn’t played is France. Hopefully we…

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Theatre Review: The Hospital Players “Shady Business”

Great Show

Scunthorpe Independent News


Last night The Plowright Theatre filled with people as they took their seats to watch the new production performed by The Hospital Players. It was great to see so many people out and supporting local independent theatre groups.

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Gays Cause Floods or just Floods of Gays?

Scunthorpe & N Lincs LGBTQ

Gays cause floods? Yeh Yeh Ok Sorry…move on

I am quite sick of seeing the images and posts about it now, To be completely honest who cares if some idiot from UKip says thats the cause, if he wants to say or think that, fair play to him who cares.

We know UKip are hardly supportive of anything unnatural to their beliefs so leave them to it. I tell you one thing by all the stupid comments the members in that party make they don’t half get their selves some free sharing and publicity.

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Spending A Night On The Streets In Scunthorpe “Sleeping Rough”

Scunthorpe Independent News

Hull, Scunthorpe and Grimsby will be holding a night sleeping rough. People have teamed up to collect online sponsorship. The aim is simple – get sponsored to sleep rough for one night, raising funds to help disadvantaged young people build a future.

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