Gay marriage at the Grammy awards!!!

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Did anyone see the Grammy awards the other night?

I did as I’m a huge geek and watch all the award shows that I possibly can, anyway back to the point, 34 couples where officially married on stage by queen Latifa and many of those where gay couples. The couples where married in the middle of a song by Macklemore about equality

As you can imagine this sparked outrage and the American papers haven’t stopped going on about it since, so it’s ok for miley to twirk on some guy on live tv but god forbid the gays go on telly, haha

I did personally find it a bit bizzare but not because they where gay couples just because the thought of getting married in the middle of a Grammy awards ceremony is just a bit strange but everyone has different ways to get their kicks I suppose

If you…

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Raik New Single!!! ‘Hold Me’ feat. Henri

With the help of Henri aka Henrietta Tiefenthaler’s angelic tones, ‘Hold Me’ grabbed me from the very start with its melodic, easy listening, trance- like summer vibe. With an injection of ‘deep bass’, the song is transformed into an inevitable ‘Club-Land Classic’.

‘Hold Me’ is a very addictive, atmospheric piece of ‘Pop Electronica’, from Golden City Boy Raik.

Track two from this debut release, La Musique, is an upbeat high energy synthfest that perfectly compliments Hold Me” and ultimately, after the first listen, leaves you craving more.

Buy it here 

(Review Courtesy of our New writer Sian)

This Weeks Reviews

This week we will be reviewing 1 or 2 events at the weekend and one of our newest team members Chelsie will be writing us an article about her night out in the cold for the Sleep Easy campaign “Sleep rough so others don’t have to” hopefully images to go with. Also maybe something else from another new writer Sian.

Also we will be reviewing this week for BackseatMafia various new releases sent in by PR:Continue reading “This Weeks Reviews”

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