Closed:Public Poll // What’s Your Favourite?

You can select to vote for more than 1 place and you may also add your own if it isn’t on the list. The top 3 when the vote closes will win a free advert on our site and featured post for a limited time and with over 84,000 website hits that’s not a bad deal.Continue reading “Closed:Public Poll // What’s Your Favourite?”

#Scunthorpe General Election // Your Vote Counts

Will you be voting today? #SupportLocal DOWNLOAD PDF OF LOCAL POLLING STATIONS 2015 LOCAL CANDIDATES JO GIDEON (Conservative) Businesswoman and communications consultant. Thanet councillor since 2003. NICHOLAS DAKIN (Labour) See above. SIMON DODD (Liberal Democrat) Solicitor. STEPHEN HOWD (UKIP) Educated at Westminster School and Oxford University. Barrister. Contested Cleethorpes 2001 for the Conservative party. MARTIN DWYERContinue reading “#Scunthorpe General Election // Your Vote Counts”