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Halloween Events 2018


Kid’s Halloween Disco
Oct 31 17:00-19:00 The Lincoln Imp
Free entry, prizes for best fancy dress. Party games. Pop only 20p. Snacks.

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US Metal Band “10 Years” // Lincoln Imp

US metal band “10 Years” are coming to The Lincoln Imp in Scunthorpe on 7th September.

Tickets will be £10

They’ve toured with Disturbed, Sevendust, Ill Nino, Breaking Benjamin, Mudvayne, Korn, Deftones, Hatebreed, Chevelle, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, and a Perfect Circle.

They have had material co-written by Stone Temple Pilots and they have albums mixed by Chris Lord-Alge who’s mixed albums for virtually anyone worth their salt!

The band are influenced by Tool and their lead singers voice has been described as being very much like that of Tools frontman Maynard James Keenan.

Read more about the band via their website.

Gig Review // JAMES at The Baths Hall

Friday Night and The Baths Hall in Scunthorpe had attracted yet another big name act to the stage.

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Peaky Blinder Bar // Opening Night

Newly refurbished Scunthorpe town centre bar Peaky Blinder bar is opening this weekend. (Friday 9th March 2018). Continue reading Peaky Blinder Bar // Opening Night

What’s On This Weekend // 2nd-4th March

Here’s a list of just some of the events and gigs this week in the Scunthorpe area. You can request a review for an event or send in events via or the form.

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Review // Russell Brand Re: Birth Tour

Tuesday 21st November the Baths Hall was packed for a night with Russell Brand for his latest tour Re: Birth. Continue reading Review // Russell Brand Re: Birth Tour

NEW Nightclub // Will this fill the VOID?

As you know the club Showboat/Storm has been shut for a couple of months now. Unlike a lot of night spots in town, it is re opening soon! Continue reading NEW Nightclub // Will this fill the VOID?

Live Review // Skarlett Riot – “We Are The Brave” Launch

wpid-20150213_215250.jpgA bit of a busy night last Friday first stop was Plowright and then a hop, skip & jump to The Lincoln Imp to make it in time for local rising rock stars Skarlett Riot to take to the stage.

Upon my arrival the audience were spilling out the double doors into the corridor just because of the shear volume of fans local and out of town. Skarlett Riot rarely play the Scunthorpe gig scene and if they do then you will usually find them at The Lincoln Imp, why? well probably because it has a great light & sound set up and it’s a good place to have a mosh.

As usual the band managed to gather a crowd right up to the barriers, with lots of enthusiastic head banging and jumping about.The band powered through tracks new and old, with fan classics like Tear Me down and Rock and Roll queen along with obviously the new EP tracks.

There’s not really much need to talk about their music as you can listen for yourself but this band really has the full package from the style, vocals, melodic anthems right down to the almost theatrical Alt rock performance they put on for their fans. The female Skarlett’s range is impressive and powerful, backed up by the boys to compliment the sound and push it that bit further. Skarlett Riot still remain to be one of the best local live band performances I have witness and believe me I have witnessed quite a lot.

The energy and atmosphere they stir up in a room leads to a great gig experience even for someone that maybe wouldn’t usually listen to alternative music.Their tunes are infectious and stay with you even after you have left with your ears ringing and sweat dripping down your forehead.

Skarlett Riots new EP and merch is now available via Itunes & amazon!

untitled Check out their latest video release on Youtube. The band regularly get airplay on BBC Introducing/Kerrang radio and video play requested on Scuzz TV. Kerrang has also just rated and reviewed their new EP so check that out.

AlterEgo//Only 4 Golden Tickets Left

Only 4 Golden Tickets Left- next draw 17/11/2014


This will be the ONLY competition and give away for our event this year in collaboration with SMB Management & Promotion.

These are the ONLY tickets being released no more have been printed and there are only 5 of them available to win!  The rest of the admission on the night will be £3 Pay On The door from 7pm.  Read more about the event here!

We have already received over 30 entries in the past week via our different platforms and between ourselves & SMB. All winners are picked using the name randomiser so it is fair. Entering Via Facebook & twitter will get your name entered twice.

The capacity for basement gigs at Cafe INDIEpendent isn’t much in comparison to other venues in town, so if you want guaranteed entry you may have to be there for doors.


The ticket allows ONE person FREE admission to the gig.

It also means if there is a queue you are guaranteed entry before 8pm & queue jump for you and your friends.



  1. Look for the competition post featuring the photo of the golden tickets and competition info. It is a pinned top post on
  2. Comment our competition post saying whatever you like but including #AlterEgo then share our post you have just commented on.


  1. Re tweet the competition tweet

ENTER Via these links:





What’s On In Scunthorpe? Check our Calendar



Welcome to the press release for our ONLY event this year. Who knows when we will do one again. We have hosted ONE OFF events before but since the live music scene kick started we have been behind the scenes helping other people promote their events and music.

It’s now time for our Annual appearance. This will be a limited capacity event. We are pleased to announce the event will be held at Cafe INDIEpendent, a place to enjoy music in the town centre with a real community feel and great gig atmosphere down in the basement. This will be an intimate gig, with plenty of energy. Music to jump around to.

Please join us to celebrate us nearing almost two years up and running as your local non profit community organisation Scunthorpe Nights.

This is will be a NO TICKET event, so it’s payment on the door only! Show up early to avoid the risk of not getting in. Once capacity is full, it’s full. £3 ON THE DOOR. So that’s Three bands for £3!!

The event will be open to ages 16+ 

As the name #AlterEgo suggests, it will be primarily alternative bands. Not heavy metal but a little more rocky. If you haven’t heard of the bands in the line up it is recommended you check them out as you never know they might turn you into an alt rock lover.

Our main headline is pretty special to us and their fans. They have had  airplay on BBC Introducing a number of times and also featured as BBC RADIO ONE’S track of the week. Where there track was played prime time for a whole week. They are also special as it was announced of their split due to the lead vocalist and guitarist leaving. So we bring you their FINAL GIG. Please welcome our headline band:


Join us in wishing the boys farewell as this will be Ameira’s FINAL gig.

‘An epic chunk of heavy, Anthemic alternative rock which easily keeps pace with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco and Twin Atlantic.’ -Tom Young

Next up


THE SPECIAL GUESTS we cannot name due to this being quite an exclusive to get them. We can say they’re a signed band undergoing a new image from out of town. So this has to stay Hushed for now.


Odd Rival is a Indie Rock band based in London. The band is fronted by brothers Patrick (bass/voices) & Chris Smith (guitar) alongside Alastair Batchelor (drums).


To support the event you can use this facebook banner.