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Central Scunthorpe Location // Outdoor Cinema Event



Over this week a new page has been popping up on people’s feeds and timelines called The Scunthorpe Outdoor Cinema. It’s become quite a popular event type especially with all the good weather we’ve been having this year.

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1st Showing Now Sold out // Outdoor Cinema // New Date added

New date for Greatest Showman Sing-along at Normanby Hall Country Park

Due to the huge popularity of the open air cinema on 2 September, Skylight Cinema will be returning to Normanby Hall for another magical evening of open air cinema on Monday 3 September. So don’t worry if you missed out the first time round!

The night begins at 6.30pm, with the showing at 8pm (this is due to the time of sunset). As well as the feature performance there will be a range of refreshments available, including a bar.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Saturday 28 July at 9am.

Book your tickets via Eventbrite.

The Greatest Showman Sing-along at Normanby Hall Country Park

Updated- 23:00 Thursday 26th July


Tickets for the outdoor cinema screening of The Greatest Showman on 2nd September are sold out!

Don’t despair if you missed out….they are in talks with the organisers to see if they can put on a 2nd date.


On 2 September, Skylight Cinema will be coming to Normanby Hall for a magical evening of open air cinema.

We hope you’re ready to join the circus with your singing voices ready for the sing-along version of The Greatest Showman!

The night begins at 6.30pm, with the showing at 8pm. As well as the feature performance there will be a range of refreshments available, including a bar and Jamie’s Sweet Emporium will be at the Park, selling special cinema treat boxes.

Adult with annual pass £10 + £1.37 booking fee
Child (5-16) with annual pass £5.00 + 0.98p booking fee
Adult without annual pass £15.00 + £1.76 booking fee
Child (5-16) without annual pass £7 + £1.14 booking fee

Under 5’s are free but still need a ticket.

Group membership also available.

Book your tickets via Eventbrite.

It is cheaper for those of you with annual passes. You can select this at the checkout. Booking fee applies to all tickets purchased.

Tickets are on sale now. And they anticipate that this will be a very popular event.

Please read the important information below:

*If you have an annual pass and are purchasing at the discounted rate please only buy the amount of tickets linked to your membership. If you have a dual membership, buy up to two tickets. If you have a friends and family pass, buy up to seven tickets

**If you have purchased discounted tickets please bring a copy of your annual pass to the event, as this will be checked against your order



Please note: This not a Scunthorpe Nights event. If you have any questions please contact Normanby Hall Country Park.


North Lincs Arts, local groups & Events

Update for February 2017 from North Lincolnshire Arts Development, partners and local groups

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Volunteer To Support Local, Calling All Aspiring Photographers, Writers, Video Bloggers

All the networks we write for or work with are all through volunteering. We don’t get paid for anything we do.

However we review events and music and receive some tickets to review and also free download releases of various worldwide artists.

As you may know our main platforms are:

Scunthorpe Nights– Providing entertainment posts, graphics & all round promotion working on projects and events with various people.

 Scunthorpe Independent News– We are the Arts & entertainment partner of the widely growing network of news & reviews. The change over and re brand from Visit Scunthorpe. Working a long side a team of local people who volunteer their time to tell you what is happening.

BackSeatMafia– This is one of our newer ventures in which we are sent press releases to review album/tracks from worldwide musicians even “Example’s” PR team. The site is based from admin in Sheffield but writers collaborate from all over the UK and outside. They are currently planning to start their own live music gigs in Sheffield in which we have put acts forward.

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New Cinema Release: American Hustle

Backseat Mafia

Wow I’ll be completely honest in this review how this film won awards I have no idea, maybe I am just not the right demographic, it was slow, boring and quite uneventful even much so that I could barely stay awake. It was a struggle to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong some good actors in the movie but it took a very long time for anything remotely interesting to happen. It dragged out which I suppose maybe a good thing for some people as it does give a very long look back in time into character history together.

I would tell you what it was about but to fair, I don’t really know as it was so pointless but it’s a fictional film telling the story of a con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), who along with his British partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams)…

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Cinema Release Review: 12 Years A Slave

Backseat Mafia

12 Years A Slave was released in the USA last year but has only just been released onto the UK cinema screens.
If you are easily offended or feeling low, I wouldn’t recommend this film. It depicts the disgusting attitude taken towards slavery.
It’s a rather shocking film and if you tear up easily i’d suggest you grab a box of tissues. It does last a rather long length of time and it uses long scenes to dramatise certain situations.
It’s a deep and saddening film leaving you feel relieved for the ending to be happy but also a little low from the behavior you have just seen is based on a true story from the 1853 autobiography by Solomon Northup.
I won’t give too much away but the scenes are powerful and involve a lot of slave punishment and attitude. The main character Solomon is a New York State-born…

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DVD Release: You’re Next

Backseat Mafia


Set for release on DVD on Monday 13th January 2014. If you like gory thrillers then this is probably a good film for you to watch. Films like this can sometimes be very stupid and tedious.  However I continued to watch the film.

By first impressions of the 1st 10 minutes of the film, you would think oh great another rip off version of scream. A slash and kill scene ending with blood written You’re Next on the patio doors, yes I know gripping. (Not)

Anyway Continuing to watch the film reveals an actual storyline as  the Davison family comes under a sadistic attack during a family reunion in their parents new and very large house in the country.

When one of the sons of the family Crispian Davison brings his new girlfriend along to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his parents, the family’s evening together is shattered when…

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