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Armed Forces Day planned for Scunthorpe

Such events usually draw big crowds at other nearby towns and cities. Especially the Cleethorpes armed forces day. So it’s good to hear planning is underway for Scunthorpe’s own event.
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Haunted Scunthorpe // Where and What

Why are we posting about Scunthorpe Hauntings? Well we can see what the public google to reach our site. Surprisingly a lot of people use the search terms “Haunted Scunthorpe” and “Haunted Places in Scunthorpe“.

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Album//World War One Exhibition

The Antique Collectors circle did a fantastic job of putting on an interesting and enjoyable WW1 Exhibition at St Hugh’s on Brumby Corner. The vintage tea party was served in vintage tea pots, a retro mash up of different patterned cups and saucers.

The owners of the exhibition items were very welcoming and friendly, sharing their knowledge of the history in their possession. There were Lovely home baked cakes on offer and a variety of sandwiches. Continue reading Album//World War One Exhibition