REVIEW // Rachel Sermanni @ Café INDIEpendent Mouth Magazine Sunday Special

On Sunday 1st of March, Contemporary Folk artist Rachel Sermanni returned to Café INDIEpendent for a specially scheduled sunday show in association with The Mouth Magazine. Her first visit was a great success and requests were made for a return, if possible. Rachel herself wanted to come back, and so with a new album out soon whatContinue reading “REVIEW // Rachel Sermanni @ Café INDIEpendent Mouth Magazine Sunday Special”

Something For Music Lovers and Musicians

A while ago, back when I first started writing for Scunthorpe Nights and I didn’t know what to do, The Boss said to me “Just write about whatever you like”. So I did. I decided to email a musician I had just heard of and asked him for an interview. Anyway I never wrote itContinue reading “Something For Music Lovers and Musicians”

Live Music – Ameira: The Final Farewell

Normally I start these with my standard – On this day and this date Scunthorpe Nights went to this event etc. But I can’t this time because it was actually a Scunthorpe Nights event in association with SMB management. We called it AlterEgo. So on Saturday 20th december we didn’t come to you, you came toContinue reading “Live Music – Ameira: The Final Farewell”

Live Music Review // Hackney Colliery Band

I like it when a story ends where it began, comes full circle you know. On Saturday 22nd November I went to see The Hackney Colliery Band perform at Cafe INDIEpendent. Now if you have never heard of them they are, well they’re something else, a reinvention of the brass band. A brass band you canContinue reading “Live Music Review // Hackney Colliery Band”

Preview// SamBurmanRacing 2015 Calendar Launch

Sam “Bam” Burman is a local motor sports star and this Saturday 22nd November she is hosting a full day of events and entertainment at The Green Tree Pub in Messingham. It’s all to raise funds to help support her team – Sam Burman Racing throughout the 2015 Motostar season. I interviewed Sam, she’s friendly, polite,Continue reading “Preview// SamBurmanRacing 2015 Calendar Launch”