Food Review // The Cyprus Barbeque Meze Box

Saturday night, we decided to try one of the newest food vendors based at St Johns Market in Scunthorpe town centre “The Cyprus Barbeque.”

We opted for the £24 Meze box. There is currently a January offer, 15% off if you collect in person or order through deliveroo. We pre ordered earlier in the day as last Saturday was a sell out so we didn’t manage to get hold of one.

It’s pretty simple to collect, just park on level 2 (cinema level) of the multistory and walk across the sky bridge towards the market and press the buzzer. Someone came very quickly to let us in as we were a little early.

The box consisted of a pork, chicken and lamb skewer. Two sheftalia (traditional Cypriot sausage), lamb ribs, calamari, 2 slices of grilled halloumi, lountza (pork tenderloin, brined and marinated with herbs and spices, then dried and smoked.), chips, salad, pitta bread and dips. The menu said it feeds a minimum of two, and it did just manage to feed 3 of us.

We chose to have the homemade Tzatziki and Garlic sauce to accompany. The salad was fresh. The tomatoes were sweet and juicy with fresh parsley scattered throughout. It came in separate boxes to the hot food, which is always a must.

Salad & Sauce

The meat kebabs were extremely succulent when hot, I particularly enjoyed the lamb. The skewers were a good size and plenty of meat filled the skewer. All the skewers had a nice grilled taste and were cooked well, even without cooking over coals.

Trio of Skewers

The chips kept some bite and the calamari wasn’t over cooked and rubbery. My only suggestion would be larger pieces of pitta, or perhaps a wrap option as the pitta was a little small to fit anything in. I didn’t mind too much though as I’m not a big fan of a pitta bread.

Overall we enjoyed the variety of flavours and textures in the box as a whole, especially with the smoked flavour of the lountza and the salty squeak of the halloumi paired with ripe tomato.

We would recommend giving it a go next time you’re looking for a take out. You can also eat in at St Johns market. The staff were friendly, the food was hot, freshly prepared and good quality.


Service: ★★★★

Value for money (with discount): ★★★★

Quality & Portion size:★★★★

*Please note: This review was written without bribe or incentive. Scunthorpe Nights is a voluntary non profit platform, helping to support local. 

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