Food Review // The Smoking Goat

We decided to try the newest burger joint in town that everyone’s talking about. I’d seen a few comments like “Best burger in town” so wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

It was a Friday night, so we were expecting a wait for delivery without pre ordering as they are in high demand. After placing the order the restaurant updated the timeslot and it came when it said it would, so no complaints there.

The food came in great little cardboard boxes that resembled small shoe boxes. The boxes had air holes, which was well thought out because it stopped the food getting steamy and soggy in transit. So the chips still had a bite and the salad in the burgers still crisp. The other advantage to the boxes, they opened up for easy access, no need for a plate and kept the food hot.

We ordered the Black and Blue Burger and the Goat Burger. So we went quite simple this time with our order, mostly to see what a standard burger without all the bells and whistles tasted like.

Both burgers came with 2 beef patties in a fresh brioche bun and they weren’t tight on the cheese. The patties are quite thin but I prefer it that way. They packed a good meaty flavour with plenty of juice and had been seasoned well with no unpleasant gristle.

The Goat Burger

We got plenty of “Goat Sauce” on each burger, which resembles burger sauce (Big Mac style) but smoother. So worth adding a pot to your order for a bit of chip dipping. As you can see from the photo the salad was spilling out, crisp and fresh so no limp lettuce here!

Black and Blue (Blue Cheese Burger)

Each burger comes with a generous portion of skin on fries coated liberally in Cajun seasoning. They held a good bite but still soft and fluffy in the centre.

So along with the burgers, I also wanted to try their homemade battered chicken strips, mostly because I just love fried chicken. These were tender and you could actually see the hand crushed herbs and spices that had gone into the coating. These also came with fries as I couldn’t see an option just for the strips so we did end up with a bit of a fries overload, no waste here though, I’ll be using them for tea tonight.

So the question is….Do I think it’s the best burger in town?

I’ll say quite possibly it is the best takeaway burger on offer in Scunthorpe and if you do fancy a gourmet burger and don’t want to travel out of town it’s definitely worth a taste.

Looking at the prices you might initially be a little shocked especially when you’re a bit tight like me, but you can usually get 20% off when ordering directly from their website or via Uber Eats, they often have some higher discounts. Also you have to remember you are going to pay a bit more for gourmet burgers that are handmade & fresh rather than from a fast food production chain and even the fast food chain prices.

Anyway, if you do decide to give it a go or you’ve already tried The Smoking Goat then let us know what you thought!


Service & Delivery: ★★★★★

Value for money (with discount): ★★★★

Quality & Portion size:★★★★

Overall Rating: 4.5

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