Food Review // Temptation Kitchen Gourmet Burgers

Well we’ve been out for food nearly every Wednesday in August so we felt like we could fit one more food review in and Temptation Kitchens at Peaky Blinder bar were offering 50% off on burgers only for 2 more days.

We walked in to have the bar to ourselves, which I sort of expected on a Wednesday with the “eat out to help out” discount scheme coming to an end. But Peaky Blinder is a nice bar and setting.

We just ordered at the bar rather than the app seen as there wasn’t much need for social distancing. But there was the option for app table service.

We ordered some drinks and asked at the bar for a food menu. We weren’t sure what to go for but ended up ordering “The Real Mac”double beef burger with cheese, hash brown, lettuce and burger sauce. The second burger was “The Big Kahuna” again a double stacked burger, ham, pineapple salsa, mayo and lettuce. The burgers were both 50% off so cost us £4 instead of £8.

We thought we’d try some “High Class Cheesy Chips” which came smothered in a thick cheese sauce, garlic mayo and grated cheese. The chips were nice enough and I’d have these again. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and a good bit of chip spice and even with the cheese sauce they kept their bite. They were probably the most expensive chips I’ve bought but hey, they tasted nice. We also fancied trying the “tater tots” with garlic mayo & truffle oil. These were good and a different option to just chips. They are a little nostalgic in taste as it takes me back to the days when potato croquettes were popular.

So the burgers, you could tell they were pure beef patties and they both came in a soft brioche bun. Myself and my partner shared burgers to get a taste of each and both preferred “The Real Mac” so that’s the one I’d personally recommend. It had a big hash brown covered in melted cheese and the burgers were piping hot throughout, it needed a little more burger sauce but other than that it was very enjoyable with good flavour and generous portion size.

The Big Kahuna, well it was big and had plenty of filling spilling out. But I just wasn’t too keen on the wafer thin ham layered throughout. The pineapple salsa was subtle and it needed a bit more of a punch in flavour for me. As I always say it’s personal preference and this is one of the big sellers at Temptation Kitchen Hull branch. The ingredients were fresh and it was nice thick slices of red onion.

The overall meal was enjoyable, the girl behind the bar was friendly and so was the chef. We were both full by the end of it. The decor and ambiance of the actual venue is a lovely place for a meal as a couple or with friends.

Would we go again? Yes, we would go again but full price would seem abit over budget for a burger and chips for me personally (but I like a bargain). But then you have remind yourself, staff need wages, ingredients cost money, commercial kitchens aren’t cheap to rent etc and they are an independent small business. So I’d really encourage people to try it and see what they think and support local.

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