Vote Now for your favourite Live Venue, Pub & Musician

Scunthorpe Nights Appreciation Awards

This is just a bit of fun!

The winning venue will receive recognition from Scunthorpe Nights via social media and on a winners page.

Winners will also be emailed a Scunthorpe Nights certificate to display at their venue.

It’s a tough time for small venues, this is about helping them and working together.

Peace Out

Your Scunthorpe Nights Admin


6 thoughts on “Vote Now for your favourite Live Venue, Pub & Musician”

  1. Wroot Rocks in Wroot is a fabulous venue with amazing acts that come from all over the country to play. Best atmosphere ever.


  2. I can honestly say that Wroot Rocks is one of the best venues I visited! You can get right close to the artists who preform there! And the organisers go all the way and beyond to make the venue special.
    My visitors from Germany had one unforgettable holiday and can’t wait to visit again with a concert in mind!


  3. Wroot Rocks is my fav small venue,excellent music and the loveliest of organisers and volunteers.I happily travel from Whitby as i know it’s going to be a great night.


  4. Wroot Rocks, and it certainly does. Seen most of my favourite artists at this venue and the Sandersons are always perfect hosts.
    Smashing place, helping to keep music live.
    Love it! ❤️


  5. Wroot Rocks! Amazing venue, fab night out. Organisers are brilliant, its a top, top night everybtime we go. 👍🏼👍🏼


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