Food Review // Ashby Lodge Pub & Carvery ★★★★

Since the re opening of Ashby Lodge pub on Monday 5th March there has been some good reviews online. The pub was part of the Fayre and Square chain with it’s food and menu matching that of other similar pubs around Scunthorpe, I.e The Old Farmhouse. Both not great past reviews in the past and from personal experience so I was skeptical still.
Anyway We decided to pop in for our tea and give it a chance. The prices weren’t bad at all, it ended up costing us around £15 for 2 standard carverys and 2 pints of coke.

Upon entering the Ashby lodge the vibe is a lot more inviting than previously, we were seated rather quickly even though there were reserved signs on most tables. If you are thinking of trying it I would advise you pre book a table. The staff seemed very busy rushing around but seemed to cope.

Once seated you can go to the bar and order your food and drinks, if it’s carvery you are wanting then you will receive a little ticket stating if you went for small, standard or large. To get a decent size meal I think you probably have to go for standard unless you are a child or you eat small portions. But there is plate sizes on the bar wall so you can make your decision before buying.img_20180307_1716361539962645.jpg

The line for the carvery wasn’t too long even though the car park seemed very busy, other diners were trying some of the other options from the menu. A Lot of the things on the menu seemed fairly priced.

The selection of meat on the carvery was Gammon, Beef and Turkey and if you want an extra yorkshire & pig in blanket you have to be upsold for another £1 onto your meal but this is quite a common thing at carvery restaurants. The meat was quite thinly sliced but the gammon was tender and tasty. The beef was alright but not alot of it to make much of a comment about but it wasn’t bad at all. One thing I probably would have prefered is them to have chopped the fat off the top of the meat as it wasn’t crispy, so not really edible. A bit of crackling would have been welcomed addition to my plate though.

I must say the show stopper for me was the Roast Potatoes, they were absolutely lovely, crisp but not hard and soft and fluffy on the inside. The Parsnips also very good and I do like roasted parsnips on a carvery selection.

There were a variety of different vegetables so I didn’t have room for them all on my plate. There appeared to be some mushy peas but they probably looked the least appealing on the counter. There was some nice cauliflower & broccoli cheese and also some other sort of cheese dish with green beans and other veg in a creamy sauce with melted cheese topping.

The mash was very smooth and a good texture. Carrots were a little chunky for my personal taste but nothing wrong with them.

I don’t recall seeing garden peas or cabbage on the counter though, so it lacked some greenery other than the broccoli and mushy peas, which is a shame and it also makes the plate look abit beige.

The gravy was nice and thick and there was a choice of onion gravy or normal. Personally I do prefer this sort of thick gravy as opposed to the brown water type that some places do. All the usual carvery condiments were available in dishes.

All in all I wouldn’t rule out eating here again as I am a carvery fan and you got your money’s worth. Also if you fancy a carvery any night of the week and not just a Sunday then you’re sorted. I would recommend giving it a go, it was nice for a quick tea after a day at work.

I’d also like to remind you to support local businesses/pubs/venues because we have some great places to eat that you maybe would otherwise forget.

Check out some of our other reviews to find out where.

Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★

Hygiene:  ★★★★

Price & value for money: ★★★★

Overall Dining experience:  ★★★★


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