New Bar Set To Open // Town Centre

We were a bit in the dark about why Encore closed without much warning and if it was coming back.

Having not really seen anything on Facebook about it we weren’t sure what the future held for the place.

Encore was mostly a place where people from the Imp, Indie and more alternative music spectrum would enjoy a night out especially after a gig, we sort of hoped maybe the town were getting a town centre rock club abit like a small “Spiders” but it would appear not.

After asking our followers we got a response which lead us to google, which lead us to this….

It’s now being refurbed and will be turned into Peaky Blinder Bar- Scunthorpe.

Quote from the facebook page says:

Our Likes are growing and our builders are busy creating a brand new experience for Scunthorpe.
Peaky Blinder Bar is situated in the former Encore building on Doncaster Road. We aim to be open by the end of the month and will host fantastic music nights, stone baked pizza, and plenty of Gin!!
Keep on checking our Facebook page for more details and opening offers

Although not quite what we were expecting any improvement and new idea is greatly welcomed by us. It looks like quite a classy idea but with the popularity of Lola’s cocktail bar this is perhaps the way to go.

It looks like Peaky Blinders will have a whole host of Gin on offer and also offering live music weekends and stonebaked pizza. Looks good!

Image may contain: pizza and food

We can’t wait to see the finished venue and maybe have a cheeky pizza while soaking in some live music…not gin though..we don’t like gin.

You can see photos of the progress being made via the page link below. So give it a like and show some support for the latest venture in the town centre.

Visit the new venue on Facebook here

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor


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