Scunthorpe Nights // It’s a New Year so…

We will start by saying Happy New Year or Welcome to 2018.

With the new year we hope to continue our free promotion network and gain a few more followers. Bringing you What’s On in the area and surrounding. But we need your help!
Primarily we search social media for events to share and are sent events to share.

With limited voluntary team members we do have less time to source reviews and chase events so it would be great if you could contact us. Reviews are a great way to get people interacting with what you have to offer and also at times a decider for general public on whether they want to attend or try something new. We aim to be honest and fair with our reviews and we always give our opinion.

If you are sending us an event to share, please try keep away from inboxing us images and event links and post the content to the page itself so we can re share. If you do send us constant links and images to messenger you will just receive a pre set message as we don’t have time to respond to everyone.

How can you help?

– The biggest help is when you read, share, like, tag and invite friends to like our page and for anyone that does that we are grateful. Thank you.

Other Ways to Help…

– If you see an event on facebook you don’t think we have shared then tag us in it or share it to our page.

– If you have a press release or want to run a competition to drum up interest then contact us by email. (Contact below)

– If you run events or promotions get in touch about a review pass so we can review as many of your events in the year as possible.

– If you attend something/ ate something/ visited somewhere and want people to know about it then why not send us a one off guest review to be published?

– Join the review team, we understand people are busy but if you want to join the team it does require you to source your own reviews and occasionally we will offer you reviews we have been requested for via our private team group.

In 2018 we are considering dipping back into the gig/show scene to work with local venues or promoters. When we first started we ran very successful events at such venues like Wortley House Hotel, who are now our web sponsors, we also ran one off events at the Light, Class 6 and Cafe INDIE to celebrate local music and venues. What can we offer to someone working with us on an event? Well get in touch to find out.

We already have a firm bond with one of the main music venues in town to allow us press to any gig but this is just one venue and we would love for more venues to get in touch about an Open press pass. It makes things easier for us and for you and gives the site more content to promote the area.

Another thing we are looking for is bigger yearly events close to Scunthorpe, within around a 25 mile radius to give people the opportunity to know what’s going on a little further a field. For example, Cleethorpes Scooter Weekend, Humber Street Sesh, Humber Bridge Concert, Street Markets, Festivals etc. So if you know of anything then send it in.

Thank you for reading



or email us via the form below


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