Royal Hotel // Food Review

Looking at Facebook The Royal Hotel Scunthorpe doesn’t look great for food reviews but having not checked it out for ourselves we went along for tea. It wasn’t an overly busy period.

The interior and warmth of the place is rather nice with it’s revamp that happened not so long ago and there are cosy areas and a range of different seating. I’m going to say one of the best parts of our experience at the venue were the comfy armchairs.

We first ordered a starter (sharing platter) which was just enough enough for two people. It came with chicken wings, ciabatta garlic bread, onion rings, southern fried chicken slices and a bowl of nachos with salsa, cheese, sour cream and jalapenos.

It was all what you would expect from a sharing platter really. The garlic bread was tasty on ciabatta and had a soft inside so alot nicer than a french stick. The nachos were also pretty good as were the onion rings. The chicken wings looked good but the coating was alittle tasteless. One of them was a bit undercooked but the waitress was more than apologetic and offered us another 2 soft drinks to compensate.

I must say the waitress was lovely, very friendly and helpful and can’t fault her service at all.

Next we go onto our mains. Waiting time for all food was relatively quick. The first main we ordered was mixed grill and the second main was the chicken and roasted woodland mushroom pie.

The mixed grill wasn’t great. First impressions it looked nice although I’m not sure anyone needs quite so many peas. I would have expected a lot better quality for the price so I wasn’t very impressed. I did admittedly have to spit into my napkin a few times (which I would rarely do) as just the taste of the meats were quite unpleasant. I did leave all the chicken after one bite. The gamon was ok, a little tough but probably the best out of the meats. The sausages were the first thing I tucked into and they were stone cold so I didn’t eat those either and they had a hard texture.

The chips were OK but dry and thick and I wouldn’t pass them as “gourmet” as they are described on the menu.

The Chicken pie looked quite nice from the exterior and did resemble the image as shown on the menu. The pie was fine but a little bland and it was also alittle strange there wasn’t pepper on any of the tables, just salt. The veg side was some green beans, which looked dry and unappealing, 3 Brussel sprouts and the carrots were in large wedges with peel still on. It just appeared abit lifeless rather than fresh vegetables.

I did feel alittle bad to leave as much as I did and I’m really not a fussy eater. And I don’t like to leave it with a bad review but I prefer to be honest and hope that constructive feedback improves people’s experience there.

All in all we didn’t have a great experience but there were plenty of other people ordering food around us so perhaps we ordered the wrong thing.  The food all looked OK as you can see in the photos but it just didn’t taste very good. Would I eat here again, I’m not sure. I do believe in second chances. The venue is nice and for a drink and music it’s a nice place to hang out.

Hygiene and service rated the highest as the waitress was so polite and friendly and everything seemed clean except cutlery is left on tables in a wooden box uncovered for anyone to touch and not brought out with food or wrapped in a napkin and there weren’t any on our table so I had to go pick some out of another.

Our Rating (Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★
Hygiene:  ★★★
Price & value for money: ★★
Overall Dining experience:  ★★ 1/2

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One thought on “Royal Hotel // Food Review

  1. Hygiene leaves a big question: Cutlery left eating-end down in a hole in a filthy wooden block that lives out on the table and has never been cleaned, ranks as disgusting. Only fool would trust put them in their mouths. The quality of food is only a minor – but consistently poor –
    issue. Tables never cleared and cleaned immediately upon a patron vacating – it could be an hour later. Food spillages left on the floor. Ketchup and Salad Cream bottles on every table – it’s more roadside cafe than restaurant. The problem isn’t the just the total lack of staff training, it’s the total lack of staff with any common sense. The reviews are shocking – see Trip Advisor for the fun stuff. They tarted the place up in the lounge, did nothing upstairs and flashed the function room over with emulsion – the roof leaks and competent management they totally ignored.


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