Gig Review // Happy Mondays “24 Hour Party People” Tour

Happy Mondays “24 Hour Party People” Greatest Hits Tour, The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe on Wednesday 29th November 2017.

The Happy Mondays tour brought them to the Baths Hall on a cold Wednesday night.

This event was part of the tour celebrating 30 years since the release of their debut album.

Former Hacienda club DJ Jon Dasilva kicked off the event playing tunes for about 2 hours.I personally felt this went on for far too long and could have done with a support band from the similar time, a new band or even a local group, but I understand they were trying to go with making the event feel as close to the the time period when the Happy Mondays popularity was at its peak.

I didn’t recognise the majority of the tunes played and apart from a very small select few members of the crowd, nobody else was interested either, so this would have been ok for a smaller time period or before and between acts, but not really for 2 whole hours.Had I known this before hand I would have arrived at the venue a lot later.

Once the DJ had finished, the almost sell out crowd were treated to a fantastic performance from the Happy Mondays, which surprised me at just how good they still are even after all this time.

The vocals still sounded the same as you remember, even after all these years, plus they put on a fun entertaining set which lasted just over an hour including their one song encore.

Even if you don’t know the band members, you may know lead singer Shaun Ryder from I’m a Celebrity and vocals on the Gorillaz hit single “DARE”, female vocalist Rowetta from the X Factor and dancer Bez from Celebrity Big Brother.The band started off with “Loose Fit” and followed it up with songs including “Kinky Afro”, “Hallelujah”, “24 Hour Party People” and others before finishing on “Step On” and then coming back out for their encore “Wrote For Luck”.

Highlights included Shaun Ryder get annoyed with the band for supposedly messing around with the setlist as he couldn’t understand it, as well Bez’s crowd interactions including taking photos for the crowd on their phones.

The only disappointment with the Happy Mondays set was how quickly the time went, but for that short moment in time, the crowd loved it.

This event appeared to be another successful event for the Baths Hall, following on from events such as the Arcade Fire gig, so hopefully the venue can continue to try and book more events like this in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Gig Review // Happy Mondays “24 Hour Party People” Tour

  1. who writes this nonsense, i thought they were poor. shaun ryder looked terrible and sounded disinterested, rowetta held the whole thing together and even her voice isn’t what it was.


    1. Well Bill, people have different opinions and our reviewer and other people I spoke to that went really enjoyed the night. I don’t think the Happy Mondays are best known for their outstanding musical talent but more the atmosphere and show perhaps.


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